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B8 vs. C8

Get the perfect TV for the way you watch, and decide which 4K Ultra HD TV is right for your space.

B8 vs. C8

Get the perfect TV for the way you watch, and decide which 4K Ultra HD TV is right for your space.

When it comes to choosing a stunning new OLED television, finding the right technology for the way you watch can be confusing. Fortunately, LG has dozens of excellent choices for homes large and small—all of which deliver innovative features and stunning clarity. And while there's not a bad choice to be made, every OLED TV in our lineup does offer something different. So today, we're taking a moment to compare the LG B8 vs. C8.

The Comparison
When comparing the LG OLED B8 vs. the OLED C8, the differences, at least on the surface, are difficult to find. Of course, they’re both state-of-the-art OLED TVs, breathing new life into movies, sports, games and with OLED’s tell-tale perfect black and intense color that’s only offered by the Best. Picture. Ever*. But when you dig a little deeper, you'll discover some fine variations that may mean a lot to you. Here are a few:

The Processors. While the B8 has an a7 processor, the C8 boasts an a9 processor, which means that the B8 has slightly more limited processing power than the C8. One of the things that this means for you is that the B8 uses dual-step noise reduction, rather than the quad-step process found in the C8. However, while the B8's processor may not be as streamlined as the C8's, and there may be slight differences in overall sharpness, both televisions produce stunningly crisp, lifelike images.

High Frame Rate (HFR) & High Dynamic Range (HDR). Although the B8 and C8 both support HDR imaging, and high frame rates, because of the somewhat more limited processing power of the B8, that television cannot support both simultaneously. However, with the increased processing power of the C8, HDR and HFR can be used at the same time.

The Design. The most noticeable difference in the LG C8 vs. B8 comparison comes in the design – specifically in the design of the televisions' stands. The C8's is slightly wider and heavier than the B8's, and it features a cutout beneath the downward-directed speakers that help reflect sound toward the front of the television. Meanwhile, the B8's stand might look similar, but without the cutout, it isn't able to direct sound quite as well as the C8.

Although the LG B8 and C8 may appear virtually identical, there are some slight nuances that may make the C8 a better choice for the die-hard movie buffs among us. That said, both televisions deliver superior images in 4K Ultra HD, incredible Dolby Atmos* sound, and offer AI (Artificial Intelligence) ThinQ® with the Google Assistant built in, so you can control compatible smart home devices using just your voice. Create a center for your smart home and beyond. Plus, it works with Amazon Alexa devices.


LG OLED TV is available in range of sizes, curved screen or flat, Full HD or state-of-the-art 4K Ultra HD. Let’s find the right one for you.