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Genuine LG Refrigerator Water Filters

Fresher, Cleaner
Drinking Water for
Your Family

Enjoy better tasting, safer drinking water
and ice cubes with genuine LG refrigerator
water filters. Have peace of mind with NSF
tested and certified filters that reduce
contaminants in drinking water, knowing that
you never have to doubt its quality.

Make the Right Choice with Genuine LG Water Filters

Counterfeit, deceptively labeled and third-party water filters:

  • Can cause damage not covered under the LG warranty
  • Are not guaranteed to properly filter water
  • May not fit correctly

Learn more about the importance of genuine water filters from the
Association of Home Appliances Manufacturers (AHAM).

Get the Facts

Only genuine LG
refrigerator water filters
are tested and certified by
NSF International, one of
the most respected
certification organizations
in existence today.

Testing the Waters

Genuine LG refrigerator water filters provide
high quality drinking water and ice cubes
by removing well-known and emerging
contaminants including pesticides, chemicals
and detergents often found in municipal
water. Model LT1000P also filters certain
prescription and OTC drugs.

Where to Buy

Don’t get stuck with counterfeit filters. To ensure you’re getting genuine
LG refrigerator water filters, purchase your filters directly from LG by using the
buttons below. And take advantage of the subscription promotion/bundle prices.


Use the Find Your Filter tool to get
the filter that fits your LG refrigerator.

Find Your Filter


Easy Filter Replacement

Depending on your LG refrigerator model, the water filter will be installed in either the inside, lower bottom,
or on the back. Replacing the filter is easy, taking only minutes and without requiring any tools. These simple
steps are for model LT1000P. Please consult your refrigerator owner’s manual for the steps you need.


Find more information on how to change your filter or
watch a step-by-step video in the LG Help Library.

LG Help Library

Frequently Asked Questions

Do unused filters expire?

No. Unused filters have an unlimited shelf life as long as they are kept dry.
That’s why it’s a good idea to take advantage of special offers and bulk pricing.

How often should I replace my water filter?

LG refrigerator water filters should be replaced every six months or sooner,
depending on how often you use the water from your refrigerator.

Can I use other brands’ filters in my LG refrigerator?

Counterfeit, deceptively labeled and third-party water filters are not guaranteed
to properly filter water in your LG refrigerator and may cause damage not
covered under the LG warranty. Always use genuine LG refrigerator water filters.

Customer Reviews

“This filter does a great
job purifying water. No
odor or after taste.
Works like a champ!”


“It was a super easy
replacement and Im not
handy at all! The water
tastes SO much cleaner!!”


"Just replaced my first water
filter. It worked great. Tap
water in this area has harsh
chemical taste. This water
filter gives very clean water.”



Keep your family’s food fresh and tasting great with genuine
LG air filters. To make it even easier, bundle them with your
LG water filter order, or sign up for automatic replacement
filters every six months for greater savings and convenience.

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