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LG V20™ Battery
LG V20™ Battery
LG V20™ Battery

LG V20™ Battery

Key Features
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  • Removable 3,200mAh Battery
  • Conveniently Swap Batteries to Stay Charged


Features and Specs

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Limited Warranty
90 Days Limited Replacement
Average 52.57g (LSL: 49.94g - USL: 55.20g.)
End Voltage
2.70 V
Minimum 3,080mAh/Typical 3,200mAh
Charge Cut-off Current
20 mA
Charge Current
Standard 1,540 mA (0 ~ 45°C) Maximum 3,080 mA (0 ~ 45°C) to 4.30 V Maximum 2,156 mA (0 ~ 45°C) to 4.40 V
Internal Resistance
Average 60 mΩ (LSL: 40 mΩ, USL: 80 mΩ)
Nominal Voltage
3.85 V
Temperature Range
Storage less than 1 month: -20 ~ 60°C - Storage less than 3 months: -20 ~ 45 °C – Storage less than 1 year 20 ~ 25 °C
Charge Voltage
4.40 V
Storage Relative Humidity
65±20% RH25±2°C
LG V20™ Smartphones
Discharge Current
Standard 616 mA (0 ~ 60°C) Maximum 2,156 mA (0 ~ 60°C)
Battery Classification
Lithium Ion Battery
Battery Type
LG ICP446178L1

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