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Space-saving and multi-functional, LG over-the-range microwave ovens give you more cooking options -- and more counter space. Whether you want to warm dinner, pop popcorn or cook a healthy meal for your family, our microwaves make it all easy.
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Average Rating for Over The Range Microwave

  1. 5 months ago
    Well made. Could be improved on a few features.
    Nice unit both visually and in its constructions. Very good value for it's price. A few notes on potential improvements. 1) The interior is a dark grey. A lighter color color would make process viewing easier. 2) It does not have a timer function (i.e., setting a timer as needed). You can select zero power and then set a cooking time (at zero power) but this is not intuitive. 3) The install instructions could be a bit more user friendly. It's not impossible, but some directions need ... read more to be reread to understand what is being demonstrated. 4) The mounting bracket provided is not as useful as the previously used "U-shaped" style mounting bracket.
  2. 3 months ago
    I like this microwave easy to use. This is my second one and the other lasted a long time. I have LG Tvs, microwave and have had phones. I like LG products, seem to be a head above the rest.
  3. 3 months ago
    Budget friendly
    This microwave does everything we need to do on a daily basis. It has one touch settings for all common tasks. This microwave is a little cheaper grade then our last. The door is light but doesn’t instill confidence. The highest negatives are it finger prints like crazy and it’s a tad loud. No rack or probe or stainless inside, but we never used those and after all it’s a economical over the range microwave.
  1. 1 month ago
    Does everything a microwave oven should do.
    I like everything about it with one exception, I think the lighting needs upgraded. The inside light needs to be much brighter, at least for the black stainless model, which I have. The light which is to illuminate the stove top also needs to be at least twice as bright as well. An addition of a "night light" to the stove top light would be nice feature. Possibly these features are available on other models, I did not check.
  2. 3 weeks ago
    If only the light was brighter!
    So far we love our OTR microwave...the light for the range is woefully dim. Thank goodness we have a great kitchen light!
  3. 3 months ago
    Beautiful addition to my kitchen
    I am mostly very happy with my microwave. It works very well and looks great. A few faults that I find are the time is not fully visible if you’re to the side of the appliance, the fan is extremely loud although works very well, the light is not very bright and you have to really push the buttons hard. So I think cooking wise it’s great but maybe these other things could be improved upon. You asked for a truthful review!
  1. 5 months ago
    I usually only warm up food.
    I bought this a couple weeks ago and like the product very much. The only drawback for me is I have to step on a small stool to check what I have in the oven. The glass is painted black except for a small portion in the center of the door. I'm concerned about tripping over the stool as I leave it in place. I am pleased with the product.
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  2. 2 weeks ago
    Huge microwave
    I have had this a few weeks now, went in easy with the template replacing an aging one. I was shocked putting this in that is was physically the same outer size and my old one, but inside the cooking area was 20-30% larger. As if that was not enough, it is almost silent running, and when the fan is on it pushes a lot of air very quietly too. The finish inside and out is fantastic,easy to clean and has a lot of quick functions. I would buy this over again, it fits in well with my other LG ... read more products I have in my household.
  3. 2 weeks ago
    I like the microwave but it has some issues. Door makes a horrible noise you open it. Also, there is a noise when the microwave is running. Sounds like the turn table is having a hard time turning. Will be calling for service!
  1. 2 months ago
    An Excellent Microwave with the Best Warrenty
    The LG LMV1762ST has an auto reheat feature that helps prepare foods without entering a cook time or power level. The unit senses doneness on its own and will do automated adjustments. A neat function is the EZ On touch button which starts a 30-second cycle with one push. That can be handy to add to the end of a cycle. Best item of the interior is an easy-clean coating and a shelf which was a consideration when purchasing. This unit seems to move more air than the previous unit and includes a ... read more choice of two different fan speeds. The LG LMV1762ST comes with 10 years of warranty coverage on the magnetron. That is the most important and most expensive part of the microwave. This greatly influenced our decision on the purchase of this unit as our prior unit did not have this amount of coverage.
  2. 1 year ago
    like the microwave but !
    I like the microwave oven over all / but was dissapointed at the very dull cooking serface light you would think this day and age you would have installed a bright LED light why what happened seems like a bright idea to me !
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  3. 1 year ago
    Excellent for the price
    Works very well. Everyone in the house is happy with it. I read reviews here prior to purchasing. Yes, the bulb is anemic and provides little illumination. Easily rectified by replacing with an LED appliance bulb that provides an equivalent of 35w. One may find them on Amazon, in Lowe's, etc. No, the vent fan is not any more noisy than similar appliances. I wonder if the installers failed to rotate the exhaust fan in the housing as per the instructions. This would have resulted in excessive ... read more noise and poor vent operation. Yes, you MUST read the included instructions - the end user having to change the orientation of the exhaust fan is one of the little hidden gems awaiting you. Another is installing the damper flap in the housing. WEAR GLOVES when assembling the damper assembly. I strongly recommend using a high temperature foil tape, 3M 3243 for example, to seal the area around the damper assembly that one attaches to the appliance. The only reason this did not get a 5 star rating is that there is a small ding in the trim below the handle. It was concealed by the protective plastic and did not become apparent until the plastic was removed. There was also a chip in the exterior black finish on the hinge side of the door. It didn't bother the wife and I'm old and tired and didn't want to bother with having to uninstall it and go fight with the store over who was responsible for the damage. If such things are critical to you, I recommend thoroughly inspecting the appliance before installing.
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  1. 4 years ago
    This microwave has unique features
    This microwave has a larger capacity. In addition, the feature I like best is the exhaust fan. Unlike other microwaves, this model includes a special feature whereby the exhaust pops out (i.e. extends) over the front burners of the stove and then can be retracted once you are through cooking.
  2. 1 year ago
    Overall, a nice product!
    It’s still early days but so far I am pretty happy with this microwave unit. The one thing in common with most models is the basic 2-speed noisy exhaust fan; this model (if installed carefully with open access to the outside vent and free-easy function of the top-mount damper) is quieter than most others, with a variable speed /4-setting function. I assumed most models would do a good job with the food (this model does have excellent cooking features), so a lot of my effort went toward ... read more measuring for installation, and hearing this fan. The pull-out hood is a nice feature too, and because it is fairly quiet I am using the exhaust hood feature more. We had a problem with our unit when first installed; it made a noticeable, continuous SNAP/CRACKLE sound coming from the controls / magnetron housing. I had the installers leave it with us since the job was done and I said it should be an easy thing to just call for service. That was a mistake; LG did not want to send a tech out to repair it and the service rep didn't seem to believe us. We spent a long time on the phone with both the store, and with LG, and it should not have been necessary. Long story short we had to re-order and wait for a new installation. The delivery guys said they would probably simply throw out the first unit rather than make an effort to fix it. Our new unit is fine, very quiet and I’m pleased with it. I noticed a difference in the behavior of the exhaust fan too, so if yours is loud you should check for obstructions as it will run at a higher speed if restricted. For the second installation I completed the exhaust vent connections myself so I could verify there were no restrictions with the damper; the aluminum flapper can be shaped for maximum efficiency. Side note: I looked everywhere for precise measurements of the height and width of the back panel of this unit. I have granite installed on the wall, and needed to know if it would fit. The store told me there had been problems in certain tracts due to what the builders had originally done with these backsplash pieces. Finally I found a floor model I could gain enough access to, in order to get the exact height. Mine cleared by 1/8 inch, but it would have been good if the maker had included this critical measurement. The published measurement includes the ExtendaVent, and it sits away from the wall (and therefore is not really relevant to the issue). The actual height is not published. It appears this model may be discontinued soon, but there may be other very similar models arriving.
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  3. 2 years ago
    Powerful Microwave!
    I have had this microwave for almost 2 weeks now. It is very powerful and QUIET. I just love the 400 CFM venting mode and the extending vents. The only thing that was strange was that I purchased this from a picture on the Lowes site and what was delivered was different to the picture. (same model number though) The Jury's still out on the surface light however. Very bright in a small area of the range underneath the device. I would have liked a wider light that covers the whole range. I ... read more can hardly see any difference between the high and low of the light brightness. I wish the viewing on the window was larger. I am short and can not see inside the microwave when it's running.
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  1. 10 months ago
    Good microwave
    The interior is so large a 13 3/4 x 8 1/2" casserole dish rotates on the carousel. On the downside, the dim light does not effectively light the interior. The clock/indicator display is small and dim. The controls are easy to reach, but cover the bottom three inches of the seven inch window so at 5'5 I stand on tiptoes to see a bowl inside. This replaced an 18 year old 1100 watt microwave and I mistakenly thought efficiency had improved so I would not notice the 100 watt difference, but I must ... read more add cooking time to my recipes and popcorn just isn't as fluffy, so I wish the wattage was higher.
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  2. 2 years ago
    A microwave that helps you when you cook
    There is a lot right with this microwave, not only in where we had it installed, but in the features it offers. Our microwave is mounted above the stove, where the display is right at eye level. This makes it very easy to see and to select what you need when using it. Digital display gives you tooltips on the function buttons, which is great because you don't have to go to the manual. Helpful presets allow you to be able to cook common items like popcorn and mac and cheese. There is alos direct ... read more access to the functions we use daily like defrost, melt an soften. Additional bonus: the vent in this microwave is very effective at pulling the heat and steam away from your face as you cook on the stove below. Inside is very spacious and includes a turntable on the floor of the microwave and a stationary rack in the middle. This allows you to microwave 2 different things at once. Rack is removable, so if you are heating something taller, you can take it out. Heating is as expected, so you will have to occasionally stir or turn items that are on the rack, but the turntable helps even out the heating should you use that for cooking. If you are concerned about the matte black finish, don't be, it is not like stainless steel and fingerprints are not left behind when you touch it.
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  3. 2 years ago
    Sleek and refreshing
    I bought a new over the range microwave out of necessity. We had an original piece in its place and I was already in the process of replacing appliances in our kitchen. The features I liked were that it was stainless steel and was a clean look which was easy to use for my children. While I like the ability to have a split level with a removable rack its not always convenient and can slow down quick meals if we need to run out the door for extracurricular activities.
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  1. 2 years ago
    Long term review
    I’ve owned this microwave for almost 3 years. The microwave cooks well, although I have noticed over time that the frozen vegetable and potato cook functions have stopped cooking those foods all the way through. I am somewhat disappointed with the Extend advent. It does a poor job of keeping up with the steam and smoke from the stove and oven. Also not thrilled that the turbo fan kicks down to a lower speed when using the microwave. This makes the exhaust even less effective when cooking on the ... read more stove and microwave at the same time. I have had to fix the sliding tray twice due to some part in the latching mechanism loosening or becoming dislodged. I currently need to replace the trim piece on the front of the vent tag because it cracked and then broke after getting tagged by a bottle of olive oil that was being retrieved from the cabinet above. If LG monitors this I need a part number, please.
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  2. 2 months ago
    Very Nice Microwave
    We have had this microwave for 2 months and so far I like it very much. The LED light is very bright which is perfect for when I am cooking. The extended vent works great and there are three speeds for the vent fans. It heats, cooks and defrosts very well and the sensor cooking is near perfection. There are only 2 minor negatives that are slightly annoying. The controls are at the bottom of the door which makes it difficult to see inside the oven and the interior is dark which again makes it ... read more difficult to see inside the oven. Overall though, I am pleased with this LG microwave.
  3. 1 year ago
    Love the Black stainless
    We had purchased a nearly identical microwave 3 years ago in stainless steel, minus the vent extender. We had good luck with that one & enjoyed the layout of controls. Earlier this year, we purchased black stainless LG range and fridge. The microwave is situated over the range. When our son bought a house, he needed a microwave. We gave him the LG stainless steel unit and we purchased the black stainless version, which includes the vent extension. It has so far given the same quality of use. ... read more Since the control layout is identical to the stainless unit, using it is seamless. The black stainless is quite attractive. Very happy with looks and operation.
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