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Public Notices

TV/Audio/Video Public Notices







Between February 17 and June 12, 2009, full-power television broadcasters nationwide



• When the DTV transition is complete, most over-the-air broadcasting of free TV

programming will move to exclusively digital channels, and traditional analog channels

will be switched off.

• America is switching because digital is a more efficient way to broadcast, and it

will free up the airwaves for other services. DTV will also mean clearer pictures,

more channels and even free over-the-air high definition television (HDTV) for

consumers with HDTV sets.

• The transition from analog to digital television represents the most significant

advancement of television technology since color TV was introduced 50 years ago.

Millions of households nationwide that receive free over-the-air television through an

antenna will be affected by the transition.



Consumers who receive free, over-the-air broadcasting exclusively on analog TV sets

with “rabbit ears” or rooftop antennas have three options for continuing their

television service:


1. Purchase a digital-to-analog converter box, like the Zenith DTT901, that will
the digital signal into analog for their existing analog television set; or

2. Purchase a new television set, such as an LG flat-panel HDTV, with a built-in

digital tuner; or

3. Subscribe to cable, satellite or a telephone company video service provider.



Digital-to-analog converter boxes eligible for the government coupon program,

including models developed and produced by LG Electronics, are available from retailers

nationwide. • Now through July 31, 2009, households are able to request up to two $40 coupons to

• In February 2009, Congress appropriated an additional $650 million (in addition to the

previous appropriation of $1.5 billion) to support a digital-to-analog converter box coupon


• The program is being administered by the U.S. Department of Commerce through the




go towards the purchase of up to two digital-to-analog converters. •  Coupons are being mailed via First Class U.S. postage, and consumers will have


approximately three months to redeem them. Please note the 90-day expiration of

coupons. • Now that Congress has extended the date for the final phase of the DTV transition


to June 12, LG Electronics has ramped up production of converter boxes again and is

working with retailers to fill orders.



LG Electronics urges consumers with analog TVs not to wait. Even those stations that

have not switched off analog broadcasts are also transmitting digital signals.

• If you already purchased a digital-to-analog converter box, there’s no reason to wait

to install it. You can enjoy the benefits of digital TV – sharper pictures and more

programming – now. That way, you also can learn how to adjust your antenna to

receive the new digital channels.

• Because some digital channels are changing frequencies, be sure to rescan your

digital channels on your converter box or digital TV now and again on June 13.








LG Electronics is a founding member of the DTV Transition Coalition, a group of

business, trade and industry groups as well as grassroots organizations and consumer

groups that share a vital interest in a smooth transition.


• The mission of the DTV Transition Coalition is to ensure that no consumer loses free

over-the-air television reception in June 2009 due to a lack of information about the

DTV transition.

LG Electronics and 200-plus DTV Transition Coalition members are working together

to educate consumers about their options, purchasing a digital-to-analog converter

box or new digital TV or subscribing to a pay-TV service.



Additional information about the digital television transition is available from

LG Electronics USA (, Zenith (, the

DTV Transition Coalition (, Consumer Electronics Association

(, and the FCC (  Information about the

digital-to-analog converter box coupon program is available from the NTIA at or 1-888-DTV-2009.


The main telephone number for DTV transition information is 1-888-CALL-FCC.


Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).

The original transition date was February 17, 2009. President Obama signed a new

law on February 11 to extend the last phase of the DTV transition until June 12, 2009,

to help assure that remaining consumers with analog TVs using antennas have more time

to prepare.

As of February 17, 2009, more than 640 TV stations or 36 percent of the nation’s 1,800

full-power broadcasters switched off their analog signals.

will make the transition from analog to digital broadcasting as mandated by federal law.

LG Electronics, a long-time leader digital television (DTV) technologies and a founding

member of the DTV Transition Coalition, is committed to educating consumers about the

transition to all-digital broadcasting.