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NeoChef - Improper Defrost

Troubleshooting Cooking Appliances Last Updated 06/23/2018
NeoChef - Improper Defrost

The following factors are what causes improper defrost.

  1. Type of cookware

    Not all dishes are microwave safe. Check the specifications for the cookware. If it is not approved for microwave cooking, do not use the cookware to cook food in MWO.

    Cook Ware For microwave oven

    Ceramic china or Pottery


    Heat-resistant glass


    Heat-resistant plastic over 120oC


    Ordinary plastic

    Use with care (cooking shortly)

    Ordinary Glass

    Use with care (cooking shortly)

    Wood or paper

    Use with care (cooking shortly)


    Don't use

    Metal treamed utensils

    Don't use

    Wrap (vinyl)

    Use with care

    Vinyl pack

    Use with care

    Most heat resistance, non-metallic cookware is safe for use in your microwave oven. Some dish (melamine, ceramic dinnerware, etc) absorb microwave energy and become too hot to handle. Cooking in metal containers not designed for microwave use could damage the oven, so are containers with hidden metal (twist-ties, foil lining, staples, metallic glaze or trim).

  2. Food stiring during cooking.

    If the food is not completely defrosted before cooking, it will cause uneven cooking. For best cooking results, defrost the food before choosing a cooking cycle.

    Quick tips for frozen

    • Remove the fish, selfish, meat and poultry from its original wrapping paper or plastic package. Otherwise, the wrap will hold stram and juice close to the foods, which can cause outer surgace of the food to appear cooked.

    • The lenght of defrosting time varies according to how solidly the food is frozen.

    • The shape of the package affects how quickly food will defrost. Shallow packages will defrost more quickly than a deep block.

    • Depending on the shape, food can be defrosted faster or slower.

  3. Need more support?

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