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TurboWash - LG Top Load Washer

Operation Washers Last Updated 02/01/2019
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TurboWash - LG Top Load Washer



  • Get more done and less time with Turbo Wash.

  • The Turbo Wash feature on your LG washing machine uses the power motion wash action system along with increased water temperatures to enhance and speed up the wash cycle.

  • Result in shorter wash times without sacrificing wash performance.

  • It is special combination of drain, rinse, and spin helped reduce the time needed to remove the dirty soapy water.

  • The wash cycle is simulated here by a basin filled with soapy water.

  • For washing hands which is drained and then filled back up with fresh water to rinse the hands.

  • The Turbo Wash smart rinse jet spray nozzle acts like the running faucet used here to help wash and rinse the hands which saves a lot more time.

  • The Turbo Wash indicator light will illuminate when it is activated.

  • Turbo Wash is a default option when selecting the normal, heavy duty, and speed wash cycles and cannot be deselected.

  • To deactivate Turbo Wash from these cycles, select the Steam, Cold wash, or Fabric Softener options on your control panel.

  • This returns these cycles to their normal operation and timing.

  • Or the speed wash cycle Turbo Wash cannot be deactivated.

  • The downloaded cycle is default to the small load cycle.

  • Other tag on downloaded cycles with a selectable Turbo Wash option are available using the LG smart laundry app.

  • For the Bright Whites, Towels, and Sanitary cycles, Turbo Wash can be selected or deselected Turbo Wash is not a selectable option for the remaining cycles. refer to the manual for further details.

  • Note: for the most effective use of your fabric softener, LG recommends that Turbo Wash be deselected.

  • Fabric Softener still can be used even though the Fabric Softener indicator light is not illuminated.

  • Fast-forward your laundry with LG's Turbo Wash.

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