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Air Conditioner is Not Heating

Troubleshooting Air Conditioners Last Updated 05/08/2018





Many air conditioners are manufactured with a heat mode, so the unit can provide heat during the winter. If the heat does not seem to be working, check the BTU rating of the heat capacity of your unit. This information can be located on the specification sheet for your unit. Some units do not have the same heat capacity as cooling capacity. On some models, the heater is intended to be supplemental heat, not the primary source of heat.

You can test the heater by taking a piece of paper and placing it in front of the air intake grille while the unit is running in heat mode. The piece of paper should get pulled up to the grille. Once it is, place your hand at the air vent to see if the air begins to heat up. If so, the heat function is working. If the unit does not seem to be heating well, it may be excessively cold outside or the room may not be heating well.

If the air coming from the unit does not heat up, the unit will require service.



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