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Adjusting Temperature Setting

Operation Air Conditioners Last Updated 05/08/2018





Digital Controls

In COOL and DRY modes, the up and down arrow keys can be used to adjust the temperature up to 86°F or as low as 60°F. Adjustments are made in one degree increments. The temperature can be adjusted to display in either F or C by pressing both the up and down arrow keys at the same time. One some models, power off the air conditioner and then press and hold the power button for 5 seconds (while the unit is off).

Note: One some models, the displayed temperature is the SET temperature, while on other models it is the room temperature. In COOL, DRY, ENERGY SAVER, or HEAT mode, the thermostat in the air conditioner will run the compressor until the set temperature is reached, then cycle the compressor on and off to maintain the set temperature.



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