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Phone Screen Is Frozen or Unresponsive

Operation Cell Phones, LG Friends, Mobile Accessories, Smart Watches, Tablets Last Updated 11/17/2018
Phone Screen Is Frozen or Unresponsive

A phones screen freezing or being unresponsive can be attributed to many different factors. Often times a simple reset of your device will clear up issues that are causing your device to freeze or become unresponsive.

  1. Power button


    Press and hold the power button until the phone shuts down, wait 1 minute, turn it on.

  2. Remove the battery


    If your phone has a removable battery, take the back cover off, take the battery out, wait 1 minute, re-assemble the phone and power it back on.

  3. Memory

    If its intermittent, check the phones memory space, if you are running low, this may be the reason for the phone freezing, delete files, text or pictures that are no longer used to free up space.

For android phone you may attempt to perform a Soft Reset:

  1. Press and hold the Volume Down and Power keys simultaneously until the device reboots. Typically this will take 11-12 seconds.

  2. Release the keys when you see the LG bootup logo

    press the power and volume down button

Note: Depending on the state of your device you may see it perform a screenshot and/or a pop-up as shown below. This is normal.

       powering off message

If your phone is stuck on the software option:

  1. On a computer, download the LG bridge / PC Suite

  2. Connect your phone to the computer with the USB cable

  3. Attempt to run the software update

  4. If you are unsuccessful, you can check with you carrier for warranty / insurance options or send it in to LG for repair


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