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Operation Cell Phones Last Updated 11/13/2018

The latest version of software for the LG Stylo 2 for Verizon is build VS83520k.

To check software version:

  1. Tap Settings  > About phone

  2. Tap Software info.

  3. View the current software version under Software version.

Select build for more info:

    • Android Security Update (2018-09-01)
    • Android Security Update (2018-07-01)
    • Android Security Update (2018-05-01)
    • Android Security Update (Mar. 2018)
    • Maintenance release
    • Android Security Update (2018-01-01)
    • VoLTE Call Screen - LTE Icon added when connected to VoLTE
    • PLMN ID - devices display "Extended Network" while in an LRA footprint
    • Preload improved LG Messaging app (v5.31.44 > v5.31.49)
    • Preload improved LG Email app (v6.75.26 > v6.75.32)
    • Android Security Update (Jun 2017)
    • General maintenance
    • Android Security Update
    • General maintenance
    • Removed Amazon Shopping preloaded app
    • Modem Update
    • General maintenance

Software Update

  1. When the software update is available you will be prompted to install.

  2. Tap Install now.

Note: If the software update has not already downloaded, tap Download, once complete tap Install now. The download and installation may also be postpone by tapping Later and selecting a time

If prompted, connect to a Wi-Fi network to download the software update.

  1. Your device will restart to perform the update.

  2. When the update is complete, your phone will restart and transition through a series of alerts stating Android is upgrading. Once your phone has powered on you will be notified that the software update successfully installed. Tap OK to close the notification.


Note: Your device's date and time must be set correctly to receive the latest update. Go to Settings > Date & Time (may be found under General Tab) to set.

If you have not been notified of an available software update, you can manually check if one is available.

  1. Tap Settings  > System updates

  2. Tap Check for new system update to manually check for a new update.

  3. You will be prompted if a new software update is available. Continue from Software Update, step 1.

  1. Choose your operating system to download and install the Verizon Wireless Software Upgrade Assistant:

    Windows    Mac   

  2. With your phone powered on, connect to your PC via the microUSB cable.

  3. The upgrade assistant will scan for your device and the status will display Upgrade Available. Select Upgrade LGVS835 to upgrade your software.

  4. Your phone will restart once the update is complete and the status in the Software Upgrade Assistant will change to Up to date.


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