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  1. 12 months ago
    nice big screen
    so far, so good. i really like the screen size for a laptop. also, images seem clear, colorful, etc. i really like longer battery life than i'm used to on a laptop it seems pretty fast, except when windows is updating. it's very light. perhaps something that might reduce it to 4 stars (I don't know if it's the computer or me) is when i'm typing if often get sent to somewhere else. i have not yet determined if i touch another area (the touchpad, or a wrong key, etc.) inadvertently so ... read more can not blame lg.
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  2. 1 year ago
    Long battery life, very light, durable enough
    Purchased end of August, been using for 3 weeks+ daily for university work. I do RTL design, simulation, and synthesis. This computer is light enough to hold constantly as I run labs in the class I am teaching assistant for, but still powerful enough to synthesize to FPGA hardware in a reasonable amount of time. Screen is solid, trackpad tracks well but it can be difficult to tell if clicks are received or not. Battery life is definitely the highlight of this product, easily 10+ hours per charge ... read more and can plug in for ~30 min for an extra few more hours.
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  3. 1 year ago
    Exceeds Expectations
    My new LG Gram is so lightweight! That makes it much more versatile, because the 13” size allows me to use the laptop sometimes in a similar manner than my iPad, yet the Gram has more functionality. The battery holds its charge well and still has juice by the end of a long day. I’m really pleased with this purchase and I can see why the Gram was top rated by Consumer Reports.
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  1. 1 year ago
    All around perfect computer for a nerd at heart
    Got this as a Christmas present but it wasn't a surprise since I provided the list of required specs. I am a nerd by nature so was tickled pink with all the techy features, so light and great value for the money.
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  2. 1 year ago
    Great Specs for the Price Point!
    I've only had this for a few months, and I'm really impressed with it! It's super light and thin making it extremely portable. It has great specs for the price point, and you can upgrade the memory & the SSD. Both big pluses in my book! I'll update after I have it for a decent amount of time and have had a chance to really road test it.
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  3. 2 years ago
    Consumer’s Reports Helps
    I found the information in Consumer Reports to be very helpful while shopping for a new laptop. High Performance, Good Battery Life and overall weight and a HDMI port were my requirements. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.
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  1. 10 months ago
    Exceeded My Expectations
    Has features of competitive products for an excellent price. LG site is easy to navigate. So far, so good.
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  2. 1 year ago
    Love the tiny bezels and battery life
    This lightweight laptop is great for its pricepoint. It has a responsive i5 intel processor and its lightweight profile allows me to take wherever I go. I love smaller bezels on displays on laptops so this one fits that criteria. I plan on upgrading to an even better model once LG is able to effectively mass produce their next displays. I would like to see a way for them to create as close to a bezel-less design with extremely long battery life. I want them to try and see if a true dark-mode ... read more interface could help them achieve this. I don’t mind a little bigger battery to help support a decent graphics card/processor and a sweet sound system. Using this good product has made me want to purchase another improved model designated for commute when they finally release a novel functionality feature such as a beautiful high quality display. A classy but minimalistic design is all the people want these days.
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  3. 1 year ago
    Great Laptop!
    Super light and long lasting battery life! I love this laptop!
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  1. 1 year ago
    Powerful and easy to use.
    It has all that I needed and more. I’m still learning how to get the maximum.
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  2. 7 months ago
    Slim and light weight
    Compared to my old laptop, this one is so much lighter and slim. It is thinner than an actual notebook that I carry. The price was good since I bought it on Amazon Prime day. Setup was easy and everything seems good so far.
  3. 6 months ago
    Nice Laptop!
    I never owned a laptop, so wasn't sure. I had a few different brand of desk top computers and fell in love with Sony Vaio. Now that they are no longer made, I was looking for a good replacement and I believe I have. I recently bought a LG smart TV and love that, so I took a chance. I have no regrets! I love this one! Charge lasts forever and it so light and thin. Very pleased and recommend to all.
  1. 6 months ago
    Love my LG Gram 17
    After checking out all the reviews online I decided to give it a try. After 4 months I must say it is an awesome machine. I love this laptop, so light and all the display is awesome. I have no issues with this laptop, what a great product. Purchased at Best Buy with their 3 year warranty, one of the best in the business.
  2. 10 months ago
    Fantastic 17" screen in 15" case
    I bought 17" Gram on Amazon.com and imported it to Canada. Unfortunately this laptop is not available here. Very light, long battery life and fantastic screen. Very good and responsive keyboard. The 512Gb SSD (Sata) is fine for most of the usual Windows tasks. I have swapped it for 1TB 970 Evo and it greatly improved the performance of the laptop. The only problem I have is that I am unable to use both NVME SSD and Sata SSD at the same time. Good job LG. Update BIOS please to allow for the ... read more NVME and Sata drive to be used at the same time.
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  3. 4 months ago
    Almost Perfect - if LG change the below.
    This screen size is perfect, so is the resolution. The only short falls are 1. CPU cooling. The existing cooling can only sustain 10 watts(long runs). which is even below the rated 15watts of the CPU. The 17 inch has enough room to fit in a second fan and it desperately needs it. or atleast put in a thicker heat pipe. 2. CPU graphic falls short, this 17 inch needs the icelake cpu. 3. RAM. Please allow and option in 17 inch to have dual slotted rams. (No embeded). or atleast have a 16 gb ... read more embeded option so has to have 32gb ram. (With slotted I could have an option to bump it all the way up to 64GB). With these there will not be a reason for this laptop to cover all the desktop replacement needs (except for hard core gammers).
  1. 1 year ago
    Specs are great
    Everything looks perfect except the gram logo. LG was better
  2. 3 months ago
    Very Lightweight and Pen inclusion is the best!
    I purchased this computer a week ago and I am happy, I've only found a few things that would have been nice but I have no problems with it not having. I was looking at this PC and another PC and this one won out because it had a micro SD Card slot which beat out having the Pen secured somewhere inside the laptop. I'm coming from a Surface and I'm a little spoiled with clicking buttons on my pen. Even though I have a lot of cons, this laptop is so perfectly portable, in it's 13" frame it fits in ... read more my purse, I have more screen space and the insides are totally perfect 16 GB Ram and 512GB SSD, can not be beat. So even though I gave it a few cons it is still a perfect 5 star machine. Pros: Light weight, Pen included, Micro SD Card slot, 2 USB slots and the USB-C. The pen writing and drawing is awesome. Cons: Pen has no place, the sound is way too low without head phones (luckily I don't really use the speakers) There should have been a latch in tablet mode to keep it connected to the keyboard (personal liking). The pen should have been Bluetooth with buttons like Microsoft's pen to open apps (a mad convience in tablet mode).
  3. 11 months ago
    Excellence by example
    I have a great feeling that you have developed another incredible device. Only reading the specs. Thanks for your awesome share... Intuitve Concepts LLC. Let's. Enterprise. Kudos is a definite yes to. I.T. development team. Thanks
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  1. 12 months ago
    Amazing Product!
    I admit, once I love a brand, I'm all in. The Gram is my fourth LG product. And, true to form, it is a shockingly good machine. It is featherweight, fast, beautiful graphics, great sound (even from the built-in speakers), and quiet. I opted for the i5 14", as I really wanted the white body. I agonized for a while over the price, but having the computer now, I have zero regrets. Thanks LG!
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  2. 2 months ago
    that is how a laptop should be
    iam so satisfied and happy with my choice, i bought this laptop 4 months ago , and no complains at all,strong performance with video editing, very stylish and chic, super light weight , vibrant and punchy display, and of course an insane battery life, i was the only person in the room who uses a laptop without charger for the whole day, my collegues are so jealous, now they all want the lg gram. you have done a really nice job with this model.
  3. 1 year ago
    Best laptop your money can buy!
    I have owned the LG (WHITE) 14" laptop for more than 6 months and having owned EVERY laptop there is to buy I can safely say this is by far and away the best laptop I have ever owned. I was concerned initially about buying an 'all white' laptop and that it would get dirty too fast. Not this laptop. It's stayed shockingly clean, clear of fingerprints and even handled me spilling wine on the keyboards. It wiped off no problem. Also, I have dropped this on both concrete at a coffee shop and on my ... read more hardwood floors. It didn't even make a dent. Seriously. Performance is awesome it can handle everything I throw at it from Adobe Photoshop to hardcore coding. The i5 version I have doesn't have discrete graphics so it's not handling high-end gaming but can do everything else. Even video editing very well. Also, did I talk about how light this is? I was looking for a laptop for travel and this couldn't be any better. If you are looking for a laptop for business applications, handling coding, CAD, video, and all around work loads. THIS IS AN IDEAL MACHINE!!! Best computer I have ever owned and I own a computer company LiquidCool Solutions.
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  1. 2 years ago
    Improvement suggestions
    Make please the following winning configuration: Intel Core i7 16GB 512GB or 1TB SSD ANTI GLARE 15.6" FULL HD or 4K UHD Screen Lower Price P.S. Touch screen is useless for laptop in most cases and glare surface is not so comfortable for eyes. Thank you
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  2. 1 year ago
    Awesome laptop
    I bought this laptop based sight unseen based on the reviews on the internet and my experience earlier this year purchasing an LG television. I am over the top pleased with it. The quality it first rate. I work for a major corporation and the IT representative at my office had a look at it and he too was impressed. It was the first LG laptop he saw and he was glad to learn of it.
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  3. 2 years ago
    Fantastic thin and light
    Great laptop. It is extremely light and has the battery power to last well beyond other laptops. That it can be charged via its USB C port with a USB C cable is also a wonderful feature. The only real negative that I have experienced so far is that every now and then the display either momentarily black screens or freezes. The black screens aren't too bad as they only last for a second or so. The screen freezing though is a bit annoying as only putting the computer into sleep via the power ... read more button and then waking it up seems to reliably fix it (although sometimes opening the task manager also works but not always). That being said, this happens quite infrequently and I am hoping a future display driver update will prevent this from happening.
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  1. 2 years ago
    Excellent Product with a few surprises!
    I've owned many laptops and brands over the years. I'm finding this little LG to be amazing in it's performance, construction, battery life and reliability. PLUS it had a rather pleasant surprise. I decided about a month after purchase that I wanted to update my 8GB RAM and 256GB SDD unit to 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD (because of the qualities mentioned above). The qualified technician that opened the case found spare slots for both RAM and SSD upgrades. No reinstallations or "ghosting" required! ... read more Truly 10 lbs of stuff in a 5 lb bag.
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  2. 12 months ago
    Nice Product
    I migrated from a Dell laptop about 2 weeks ago. This one is really fast and the combination of a nice keyboard with a touch screen is a good feature. Just getting used to the touch pad. I prefer a mouse. I did not like that the "LG Easy Guide" was not included and to get it online you had to allow the use and sharing of lots of personal data! Hard to swallow that.
  3. 9 months ago
    So far, so good!
    It’s early days and i’m still learning Windows 10, but I love the speed of my Gram and it’s light weight. I’m excited to experiment the photo and video options!
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