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Ditch dust and debris hands-free

Sneeze less, breathe easy. The CordZeroᵀᴹ All-in-One Towerᵀᴹ traps dust and auto-empties the mess so you don’t have to.

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Valid on all vacuum cleaner orders through 12/31/24.*


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A cleaner, healthier, more beautiful home. LG vacuum cleaners put it all within reach. Created for modern living, our cordless vacuum cleaners make tidying up a snap

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Are you in search of the perfect floor cleaner or carpet cleaner to make your cleaning routine a breeze? Look no further than LG's range of cordless stick vacuums, designed to cater to all your cleaning needs. Long, lean and lightweight, our cordless stick vacuums come with simple-to-install charging stations, plus a wide range of available features. Our LG Kompressor vacuums are designed to compress dirt and debris, allowing you to clean more and empty less often.

With a Kompressor vacuum, you'll experience an efficient and thorough clean. If you're looking for versatility, our CordZero all-in-one stick vacuums have you covered. These vacuums are not only excellent for floor cleaning but also come with attachments and features to tackle various cleaning tasks around your home. In addition, if you have pets, our cleaning solutions can effectively remove those pesky pet hair clumps.

Depending on which cordless vacuum cleaner you choose, you might get: two 60-minute lithium-ion batteries so you can clean while you charge, a collection bin that allows you to clean more and empty less, washable cyclone filters, a Power Punch nozzle for upholstered furniture, and a 5-step system that filters 99.99% of dust and dirt. Not only that, but if you choose an LG smart inverter vacuum cleaner, you'll get superior suction power across all floor types. And for those messy spills, our wet dry capabilities make cleanup a breeze.

Tired of the never-ending battle against dust and dirt on your hard floors? Our CordZero™ Cordless Stick Vacuum with Hard Floor Nozzle is designed to deliver unmatched cleaning performance on hard surfaces such as hardwood. Say hello to spotless floors and goodbye to the struggles of traditional vacuuming.

Dual Floor Max

Dual Floor Max Nozzle powerfully cleans carpets and hard floors so no matter the surface, you don’t have to fuss with changing attachments to get the deep clean you want. Built-in LED headlight highlights hidden debris so dirt has nowhere to hide.

Explore all of our best vacuums and vacuum accessories, as well as our collection of air purifiers, dehumidifiers, laundry and kitchen appliances – and create a space that's clean, healthy, stylish and functional.

Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

What are the types of vacuums that LG sells?

At LG, we offer a top-of-the-line cleaning solution: the Stick Vacuum. Our Stick Vacuums combine sleek design with powerful performance, making it the perfect choice for your home cleaning needs.

Which vacuum is the best for hardwood floors?

When it comes to keeping your hardwood floors spotless and scratch-free, the LG CordZero™ Cordless Stick Vacuum with Hard Floor Nozzle is the top choice. This vacuum is specially designed to provide exceptional cleaning performance on hardwood surfaces.

Are LG vacuums good for pet hair?

Yes! The LG CordZero series of cordless vacuums excel in their pet hair capturing capabilities. Additionally, LG offers a handheld vacuum equipped with a powerful nozzle that vigorously agitates and dislodges pet hair from upholstery by vibrating against the fabric.

The test run by SLG was based on IEC 62885-2 and EN 60312-1, the dust retaining capability at 0.5㎛ ~ 4.2㎛ particle size in Turbo mode was tested and averaged 99.999% ('Excellent' Grade, 5-Star). Dust retaining capability may vary depending on operating environment.

*Purchase an eligible LG CordZero A9 Ultimate Cordless Stick Vacuum and a Total Care Kit in a single transaction on and receive $149.99 instant additional savings off of the pre-tax sale price. Available only on through Dec 31, 2024. Savings will be reflected in the cart when all offer requirements are met. If any of the qualifying items are removed from the cart or part of the order is cancelled or returned, the promotional savings will be void. Prices and offers are non-redeemable for cash, non-transferable and may not be combined with other offers/discounts. Availability, prices and terms of offer are subject to change without notice.
Eligible vacuum models: A949, A938, A937, A931, A925, A926, A916, A913

Eligible Total Care Kit: V-TOTALCARE

Receive an instant discount in the amount up to $500 when you purchase two (2), three (3), or four (4) or more eligible LG Kitchen, Laundry, Air Care, or Floor Care appliances in a single purchase between January 04, 2024 and February 28, 2024. Bundle must include two (2) eligible appliances to qualify for a $100, three (3) eligible appliances to qualify for a $300, (4) four or more eligible appliances to qualify for a $500. This offer is subject to availability. The maximum number of appliances of the same category allowed to qualify for this rebate is two (2).

Eligible Categories: Select refrigeration (except compact freezers and compact refrigerators), Range, Wall Oven, Cooktop, Over-The-Range Microwave, Countertop Microwave Ovens with a Trim Kit (sold separately), Dishwasher, Hood vent, Air Care, Floor Care, Washers, Dryers, WashTower, Sidekick. – Limit of two (2) appliances per category, except all Over-The-Range Microwave, and Countertop Microwaves purchased together with a Trim kit have a Limit of one (1) appliance per category per transaction.

Excluded Items: Select Refrigerators (LRTLS2403S, LHTNS2403S, LTCS20030S, LTCS20020S, LTCS20020B, LTCS20020W, LTCS20020V, LT11C2000V, LRKNS1400V, LRONC0705A, LROFC0605V, LRONC0605V, LRSWS2806S, LRSXS2706S, LRSXS2706V, LRSXS2706W), LG laundry (WT6105CW, DLE6100W, DLG6101W, WT7005CW, WT7000CW, DLE7000W, DLG7001W, WM3400CW, DLE3400W, DLG3401W), LG laundry pedestal drawers, all LG SIGNATURE branded appliances, open-box items and display units do not qualify for this rebate.

LG Refrigerators:

LBNC15221V, LBNC15231V, LFC22770ST, LFCC22426S, LFCC23596S, LFCS22520D, LFCS22520S, LFCS27596S, LFDS22520S, LFXC22526D, LFXC22526S, LFXC22596D, LFXC22596S, LFXS26596D, LFXS26596S, LFXS26973D, LFXS26973S, LFXS28968D, LFXS28968S, LMWC23626S, LMWS27626S, LMXC22626D, LMXC22626S, LMXS28596D, LMXS28596S, LMXS28626D, LMXS28626S, LRBCC1204S, LRBNC1104S, LRDCS2603D, LRDCS2603S, LRFCC23D6S, LRFCS22D0S, LRFCS2503S, LRFCS25D3S, LRFCS29D6S, LRFDC2406D, LRFDC2406S, LRFDS3016D, LRFDS3016S, LRFGC2706S, LRFLC2706S, LRFOC2606S, LRFS28XBD, LRFS28XBS, LRFVC2406D, LRFVC2406S, LRFVS3006D, LRFVS3006S, LRFWS2906D, LF29S8250S, LF29S8330D, LF29S8330S, LF29H8330D, LF29H8330S, LRMXC1803S, LRMNC1803S, SRFVC2416S, SRSXB2622S, SRFV26S3, SRFB27S3, SRFB27W3, LRFWS2906S, LRFWS2906V, LRFXC2416D, LRFXC2416S, LRFXC2606S, LRFXS2503D, LRFXS2503S, LRFXS2513S, LRMDC2306D, LRMDC2306S, LRMDS3006D, LRMDS3006S, LRMVC2306D, LRMVC2306S, LRMVS2806D, LRMVS2806S, LRMVS3006D, LRMVS3006S, LRMWS2906D, LRMWS2906S, LRMXC2206D, LRMXC2206S, LRMXS2806D, LRMXS2806S, LRMXS3006S, LRSDS2706D, LRSDS2706S, LRSOC2306D, LRSOC2306S, LRSOS2706D, LRSOS2706S, LRSXC2306S, LRSXS2706B, LRYKC2606D, LRYKC2606S, LRYKS3106D, LRYKS3106S, LRYXC2606D, LRYXC2606S, LRYXS3106D, LRYXS3106S, LTNC11131V, LF30S8210S, LF30H8210S, LRFXS3106S, LRFLS3206S, LRFXC2606D, LF21G6200S, LRSXC2306V

LG Dishwashers:

ADFD5448AT, LDFN3432T, LDFN4542B, LDFN4542D, LDFN4542S, LDFN4542W, LDP6810BD, LDP6810SS, LDPH7972D, LDPH7972S, LDPS6762D, LDPS6762S, LDT7808BD, LDT7808SS, LDTH7972D, LDTH7972S, LDTS5552D, LDTS5552S, LDFC2423V, LDFC2423W, LDFC2423B, LSDTS9882S, SDWB24S3, SDWD24P3, SDWB24W3

LG Floor Care:

A913BM, A916BM, A925KSM, A927KGMS, A929KVM, A931KTM, A937KGMS, A939KBGS, A949KTMS

LG Air Care:

AP151MBA1, AP151MWA1, AS330DWR0, AS560DWR0, U9CS1C, U9CV2B

LG Ranges:

LDE4413ST, LSGL5833D, LTG4715ST, LRGL5825D, LSDS6338F, LDG4313ST, LSGL5833F, LTGL6937D, LRGL5825F, LSES6338F, LSE4617ST, LSGL6335D, LTGL6937F, LSD4913ST, LSES6338N, LSEL6331F, LSGL6335F, LREL6321S, LSDL6336D, LSEL6333D, LSGL6337D, LREL6323D, LSDL6336F

LSEL6333F, LSGL6337F, LREL6323S, LSE4616BD, LSEL6335D, LTE4815BD, LREL6325D, LSE4616ST, LSEL6335F, LTE4815ST, LREL6325F, LSIL6336F, LSEL6337D, LTEL7337D, LRGL5821S, LSGS6338F, LSEL6337F, LTEL7337F, LRGL5823D, LSGS6338N, LSGL5831F, LTG4715BD, LRGL5823S, LSIS6338F

LG Cooktops:

LCE3010SB, CBGJ3623D, LCE3610SB, CBGJ3023S, LCG3011BD, CBGJ3023D, LCG3011ST, CBIS3618B, LCG3611BD, CBGS3028S, LCG3611ST, CBGS3628S, CBGJ3627S, LSCE305ST, CBGJ3027S, LSCE365ST, CBGJ3623S

LG Over-the-Range Microwaves:

LMH2235ST, LMV1831SS, LMVH1711ST, MVEL2125D, MVEM1825F, LMHM2237BD, LMV1831ST, MHEC1737D, MVEL2125F, LMVM2033ST, LMHM2237ST, LMV2031BD, MHEC1737F, MVEL2137D, MHES1738F, LMV1764ST, LMV2031SS, MVEL2033D, MVEL2137F, MHES1738N, LMV1831BD LMV2031ST, MVEL2033F, MVEM1825D

LG Countertop Microwaves + Trim Kits:

LMC2075BD, LMC2075ST, MK2030NBD, MK2030NST

LG Hood Vents:

HCED3015D, HCED3615S, HCED3015S, LSHD3080ST, HCED3615D, LSHD3680ST

LG Wall Ovens:

LWC3063BD, MZBZ1715S, LWD3063BD, WCEP6423D, WDEP9427F, LWC3063ST, WCES6428F, LWD3063ST, WCEP6427F, WSEP4723F, LWS3063ST, WDES9428F, LWS3063BD, WDEP9423F, WSEP4723D, MZBZ1715D, WSES4728F, WCEP6423F, WDEP9423D, WSEP4727F

LG Washers:

WM5700HVA, WM4000HWA, WT7900HWA, S5WBC, WM8900HBA, WM3470CM, WT7405CV, S3MFBN, WM6700HBA, WM3470CW, WT7400CV, S3RFBN, WM6500HBA, WM4200HBA, WT7405CW, S3WFBN, WM6500HWA, WM4200HWA, WT7400CW, S3CW, WM5500HVA, WM3600HVA, WT7150CM, S5MSB, WM5500HWA, WM3600HWA, WT7155CW, WM4000HBA, WT7900HBA, WT7150CW

LG WashTowers™:


LG Sidekick® Pedestal Washers:

WD300CW, WD200CV, WD300CV, WD200CB, WD300CB

LG Styler®:


LG Dryers:

DLEX8900B, DLEX5500V, DLE3470M, DLE7400VE, DLEX4200B, DLGX8901B, DLGX5501V, DLG3471M, DLG7401VE, DLGX4201B, DLEX6700B, DLEX5500W, DLE3470W, DLE7400WE, DLEX4200W, DLGX6701B, DLGX5501W, DLG3471W, DLG7401WE, DLGX4201W,DLEX6500B DLEX4000B DLEX7900BE DLE7150M DLE3600V, DLGX6501B, DLGX4001B, DLGX7901BE, DLG7151M, DLG3601V, DLEX6500W, DLEX4000W, DLEX7900WE, DLE7150W, DLE3600W, DLGX6501W, DLGX4001W, DLGX7901WE, DLG7151W, DLG3601W

Images may be simulated and dramatized for illustrative purposes. Actual features, functionality, and other product specifications may differ and are subject to change without notice. Prices, promotions, and availability may vary by model, store, and online. Prices subject to change without notice. Quantities are limited. Check with your local retailers for their final price and availability.

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