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Advanced Technology, New Product Designs Mark LG's Participation in ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006

LG Electronics (LG), a worldwide technology leader in mobile communications, is showcasing its stylish line-up of mobile handsets at ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006.

LG Electronics (LG), a worldwide technology leader in mobile communications, is showcasing its stylish line-up of mobile handsets at ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006.

Top on the list of sophisticated cutting-edge phones is the award-winning Chocolate Phone. Visitors to LG's booth will be able to see the phones in four colors - black, white, pink and red wine. Two design variations that add gold or platinum accents will also be on display.

The Chocolate Phone's new variations retain the signature glowing red touch keypad, high-tech features and sleek design, while giving consumers more options for self-expression.

The subtle white, prissy pink and sophisticated red wine phones are identical in design to the classic black model that has seen so much popularity world-wide. The platinum and gold Chocolate Phones add a correspondingly colored band engraved with the chocolate moniker.

"LG has seen a great deal of success recently and we are eager to show off our accomplishments at ITU TELECOM WORLD. We will showcase a wide range of mobile handsets incorporating our latest technologies such as HSDPA and mobile broadcasting," explained Mun-Hwa Park, President & CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company.

"Another of our recent success stories is the Chocolate Phone. We have already sold more than six million Chocolate Phones since they were introduced seven months ago and we aren't finished yet. We have continued to develop the Chocolate Phone, the first phone in our premium Black Label series, to give it even wider appeal."

At ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006, LG will show off the advanced mobile technology behind its phones including HSUPA and Mobile WiMAX. Visitors will be able to see LG's HSUPA technology, which allows uplink data transfer speeds of up to 5.76 Mbps, 15 times faster than current HSDPA service. LG and Nortel have succeeded in the showcase of HSUPA call on a pre-commercial handset at 30, Nov. 2006, in Paris, France.

There will also be demonstrations of Mobile WiMAX technology using laptops and PDAs. The company is alsofocusing on enhancing its state-of-the-art broadcasting technology, including SDMB, TDMB and DVB-H, in order to position itself as the leader in mobile broadcasting technology.

Currently LG's HSDPA phones exhibited at the show are available in the US and many European and Asian countries including Korea. LG will also have a special area highlighting technologies which it was first to develop and those in which it is the leader.

Highlights of the ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006 participation include:

LG-KG800 (black): LG's simple yet stylish KG800 slider, known as the Chocolate Phone is a work of art both in looks and features. It won the prestigious 2006 iF and reddot design awards, the Design for Asia Award and the Mobile Choice Consumer Award for its unique style and user satisfaction. Both its display and touch keypad fade out of sight when not in use. It is the first handset from LG's 'Black Label' range of design-led mobile phones, aimed at users who value style as highly as they value technology.

LG-KG800 (white, pink, red-wine): LG offers its Chocolate Phone family in three newly launched colors - white, pink and red wine. With these, the Chocolate Phone enables people to express their unique style. These new Chocolate handsets will appeal to consumers who want their phone to reflect their personality.

LG-KE800 (Gold, Platinum): LG's luxury versions of the Chocolate Phone, Chocolate Gold and Platinum, bring higher design and increased features to the original. Incorporating the Chocolate Phone's trademark red touch keypad and hidden LCD, these models have engraved gold and platinum bands. These handsets are equipped with an SD card memory slot, 2.0 mega-pixel camera and twice the memory (256MB) of the original Chocolate. They also play MP3s, MPEG-4, AAC and video, and have A2DP stereo Bluetooth functionality.

The Chocolate Phone's primary focus is design, which is not just about looks but also about other sensorial aspects. This handset was carefully designed to offer an exquisite tactile experience as well.

The Chocolate Phone recently won the DFA Grand Award at the Design for Asia Award 2006 competition, in addition to awards from iF, reddot design awards and the Mobile Choice Consumer Award. J.D. Power and Associates' 2006 Wireless Mobile Phone Evaluation Study ranked LG's mobile phones second in consumer satisfaction.

The ITU TELECOM WORLD event was first held in 1971, and was an instant success that has since been repeated every four years. Beginning in 2003 it will be held every three years. The event typically attracts some 14,500 visitors daily, with around 1000 exhibitors from across the globe and across the spectrum of the ICT industry.