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LG Electronics aims high in European 3G arena

PTV phone, terrestrial DMB phones and 3-D Game phones to be unveiled at the 3GSM World Congress 2005

PTV phone, terrestrial DMB phones and 3-D Game phones to be unveiled at the 3GSM World Congress 2005

LG Electronics will showcase its latest developments in camera phones, 3G handsets, 3-D Game phones, PTV (Push-To-View) phone and terrestrial and satellite DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) phones as it
strengthens its reputation and leading position in the third-generation (3G) market at the 3GSM World Congress 2005.

The company's activities at the Congress, from February 14-17, 2005 in Cannes, France, are another step in its marketing and business-building strategy which the firm believes will establish it as a major player in the European market

LG Electronics has experienced strong growth in the European market, supplying WCDMA (UMTS) handsets to major operators such as Hutchison, Orange, Telefonica Moviles and O2, and aims to expand its market share
in WCDMA (UMTS) and GSM/GPRS with its cutting-edge and versatile designs and technological innovation.

The company's presence in Cannes will be headlined under the theme, "3G and Future Technology Leader and will showcase the growing role and relevance of LG mobile handset technology in daily life. Highlights
of its participation at 3GSM World Congress 2005 will include:

- U8120, U8180, the most advanced 3G Phones: LG Electronics will showcase its 3G leadership through its dual mode (WCDMA, GSM/GPRS) multimedia mobile phones. The U8120, with its compact clamshell shape, features Video Telephony and Video/Audio streaming. The U8180 features a multimedia player with MP3, AAC and MPEG4 and functioned video telephony with dual TFT display.

- LT1000, the world's first terrestrial DMB phone: LG's terrestrial DMB phone, adopted QVGA LCD screen and LG's DMB System-on-Chip (SoC), maximizes handset efficiencies in terms of size and weight for receiving digital TV programs. The handset also has advanced multimedia functions such as a 1.3 mega-pixel camera and a MP3 player enabling users to view TV programs while making telephone calls at the same time.

- SV360, the world's fastest 3-D game phone: The first cell phone ever armed with a 1 million polygon/second graphic accelerator chip that can process data five times faster than currently available chips, and allows users to play games with more minute and realistic 3-D graphics. The phone is also equipped with acceleration sensors that allow the user to control the game by moving it up and down or left and right, maximizing game enjoyment. The phones are also built with a 2.2-inch LCD screen, allowing users to play 3-D games with increased screen quality.

- F9100, the most advanced keypad slide-design mobile phone: Featuring a full QWERTY keyboard beneath its innovative sliding faceplate, LG's F9100 model is designed for mobile users who use their phones for more than just talking. Perfect for sending instant messages, composing emails and browsing the Web, the F9100's clever, practical keyboard makes typing a breeze. Additionally, the F9100 features a vibrant, 65,000-color display, which can be fully customized, and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) capabilities packaged inside a sleek, stylish handset with a side-sliding form factor.

Confirming its leadership role in handset technology, LG Electronics plans to demonstrate striking terrestrial DMB phones (LT1000), PTV phones, 3G phones and 3-D Game phone (SV360): LT1000 is the world's first terrestrial DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) phone and it follows on the company's continuing tradition of world-firsts, including satellite DMB.
The DMB phone allows users to watch TV anywhere, anytime. The company will also demonstrate Video Telephony in 3G handsets and 3-D Game phones with the fastest playing speed in the world.

Among LG Electronics 3G mobile phones, the U8120 model has been short-listed for the 'Best 3GSM Handset Award in the 2005 GSM Association Awards. The final announcement will be made on February 15 at the 3GSM World Congress.

The U8120 is a dual mode  3G and 2.5G  handset offering a variety of features including video calling and messaging, audio/video streaming, a 3G download speed of up to 384kbps, a 65K TFT color screen and a rotating 300,000-pixel VGA camera. The feature-packed handset includes 32MB internal memory, MP3 functions and foreign language abilities covering English, French, Italian, German and Chinese. This model is solely provided to Hutchison

Attendees representing LG Electronics at 3GSM World Congress will include M.H. Park, President & CEO of Mobile Communications Company; James Kim, President & CEO of European Headquarters; Kenn Suh, Executive Vice President in Asia, Middle East & Africa Business; Jae Bae, Executive Vice President in Global Strategy & Business Management; and Skott Ahn, Executive Vice President in the Mobile Handset R&D Centre.

We see 3GSM World Congress as an important occasion to demonstrate the company's readiness to lead the region as it rapidly embraces the latest technology and developments in the 3G and premium mobile phone markets, said M.H. Park, President & CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. Mr. Park added: I am convinced that this initiative in the European 3G market will see the company become the unrivalled 3G leader worldwide.

According to global market research by Strategy Analytics, LG Electronics ranked as 2nd in global UMTS market sales in Q3, 2004. LG Electronics also has been recognized as the fastest growing company in the mobile phone manufacturing industry with sales growing by an average of 56% per annum since 1996. The company ranked 4th in global mobile handset sales in 4Q 2004 and is aiming much higher.

LG Electronics Presence at 3GSM World Congress: "3G and Future Technology Leader"

- Booth Size: 90 sqm
- Booth Location: Stand B 13/14, Hall 1, Palais des Festivals et des Congres, Cannes, France
- Booth Displays & Highlighted Products:
The Future Now (3G/UMTS, PTV): U8150 / U8380 / U8130 / U8138 / U8180 / U8120 / PTV demo phone
Mobile On (DMB, Mega-Pixel & MP3, 3-D Game, Navigation, Camera): LT1000 / SB100 / SV360 / KV3600 /
KV3400 / SV520 / SV350 / LP3800 / KP8400 / KP3800 / LP3000
World of Solutions (QWERTY, EDGE, PTT, PDA): LP3000 / KP3800 / KF1000 / SC8000 / LP5200 / W800 /
KP8400 / A7150 / VX8000 / F7250 / F9100 / CX6190
Stylish Centre: L341i / F2300 / F7250 / C3300 / M4400 / T5100 /A7150 / F1200
Extreme Access (Accessories): Bluetooth Car Kit, Holster Battery, Universal Mobile Chargers