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World's First Rear-Projection LCD HDTV with Built-in HD-DVR Debuts at 2004 International Consumer Electronics Show

World's First Rear-Projection LCD HDTV with Built-in HD-DVR Debuts at 2004 International Consumer Electronics Show

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 8, 2004 - In an aggressive move to reinforce its commitment to the U.S. digital television market, LG Electronics today introduced an array of rear- projection microdisplay high-definition televisions (HDTVs), highlighted by the world's first with a built-in high-definition digital video recorder (HD-DVR) and a sleek digital-cable-ready model.

The widescreen rear-projection lineup includes both liquid crystal display (LCD) and digital light processing (DLP) models, part of LG's new selection of premium digital products shown for the first time in the United States at the International Consumer Electronics Show (LG Electronics booth #8314, Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center). Led by the first 62-inch rear-projection DLP HDTV with a built-in HD-DVR, this product portfolio is being recognized this week for product excellence and innovation, with four rear-projection products receiving coveted "CES 2004 Innovations" awards.

Leading the LG rear-projection HDTV pack is the TU-62SZ71D, a 62-inch DLP integrated HDTV with built-in HD-DVR. LG's flagship rear-projection HDTV product, the TU-62SZ71D sports a 120 gigabyte hard drive - offering consumers almost 13 hours of HDTV recording time, 60 hours of standard-definition digital recording time, and more than 120 hours of analog recording time. This model delivers 1280 x 720p WXGA resolution and incorporates an integrated ATSC/digital cable (VSB/unscrambled QAM) and NTSC tuner with LG's fifth-generation DTV chipset. Offering advanced digital connectivity, with connections for PC and HD component inputs, the TU-62SZ71D also features the TV Guide Onscreen interactive program guide.

The TU-62SZ71D is joined by the RU-48SZ40L, a 48-inch rear-projection LCD HDTV monitor. Delivering crisp HDTV images, it features 1280 x 720p WXGA resolution (0.7-inch LCD Panel), an Ultra Fine Pitch Screen, and 3D Y/C Comb Filter, and 3:2 pulldown cinema correction. The RU-438SZ40L offers advanced connectivity options, with Digital Visual Interface with High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (DVI+HDCP), and provides dual-tuner Picture-in-Picture (PIP), Picture-outside-Picture (POP) and split-screen options. With its high-gloss black cabinet and anti-glare screen protector, this super-slim 48-inch LCD rear-projection HDTV monitor, with matching external speakers, provides luxury styling and high-end performance in any setting. Available second-quarter 2004.
Other LCD rear-projection models are the LG-brand 60-inch RU-60SZ30 and 52-inch RU-52SZ30 HDTV monitors. Both models display stunning 16:9 and 4:3 HD images on a giant screen ideal for home theaters and big family rooms. Equipped with dual NTSC tuners, they accept HDTV, standard-definition (SD) and NTSC video sources. Three internal 1.2-inch LCD panels deliver superb 1280 x 720p resolution. Image enhancing features include a peak brightness of 400 candelas/square meter, a contrast ratio of 200:1, a generous 130-degree viewing angle, twin PIP functions, and TruSurround Sound capability. Extensive connections accommodate all popular video formats. The RU-60SZ30 and RU-52SZ30 are available now.

LG's entry into the DLP category is off to a fast start. The top-of-the-line model is the DU-52SZ61D, LG's 52-inch DLP rear-projection integrated HDTV, which is CableCARD-ready with a built-in LG fifth-generation ATSC tuner. It features Texas Instruments' DLP 1280 x 720p (HD2-Mustang) chip, providing the highest picture quality available. The DU-52SZ61D offers advanced connectivity options, HDMI, RGB and IEEE-1394. The 52SZ61D offers dual-tuner PIP, POP and split-screen options, 3D Y/C comb filter, 3:2 pulldown cinema correction, and Dolby Virtual Surround Sound. Available third quarter 2004.

Rounding out LG's family of rear projection HDTV products are 52- and 44-inch DLP rear projection HDTV monitors, models RU-52SZ61D and RU-44SZ61D, respectively. Cutting-edge design and a slim form factor make them just the right size for many home theater environments. Featuring Texas Instruments' DLP 1280 x 720p (HD2-Mustang) chip, these models deliver exceptional picture quality, with Ultra Fine Pitch Screen and 10 Element HD Lens System, and offer advanced connectivity options, including DVI+HDCP. Other features include dual-tuner PIP, POP and split-screen options, 3D Y/C Comb Filter, 3:2 pulldown cinema correction, and Dolby Virtual Surround Sound. Available second quarter 2004.

LG Electronics, Inc. (Korea Stock Exchange: 6657.KS) was established in'58 as the pioneer in the Korean consumer electronics market. The company is a global force in electronics, information and communications products with more than 64,000 employees working in 76 overseas subsidiaries and marketing units around the world. LG Electronics comprises' three primary business companies: Digital Display & Media, Digital Appliance, and Telecommunication Equipment & Handset. LG Electronics' goal is to enable the intelligent networking of digital products that will make consumers' lives better than ever. For more information, please visit