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LG Range Completes Full-Kitchen Offering; Innovations Across Product Categories Deliver Quality, Performance and Product Leadership

LG Range Completes Full-Kitchen Offering; Innovations Across Product Categories Deliver Quality, Performance and Product Leadership

NEW YORK, Aug. 2, 2005 --- Bringing new meaning to the term "summer home," LG Electronics' home appliances were front and center at the company's summer line show today aboard the private yacht, Lady Windridge.

At the exclusive gala-by-the-sea event, emphasizing the "LG: Life's Good" marketing theme, LG Electronics showcased its broad lineup of home appliances, including the latest offering in its kitchen line-up" the LG Range. LG's roster of new home appliances now includes refrigerators, microwave ovens, laundry systems, air conditioners and dishwashers. During today's pre-holiday season preview, LG also demonstrated such other product categories as mobile phones, plasma HDTVs and digital video/audio products.

"LG's technology and styling advances are being emulated throughout the appliance industry," said Teddy Hwang, president, digital appliances, LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc. "LG is committed to delivering a broad variety of premium, high-quality and high-performance appliance solutions to consumers. Our extensive research into how people interact with their home appliances, coupled with our considerable patent portfolio and continued stream of digital innovations, continues to propel us to new heights."

While emphasizing premium home appliances in the United States, LG Electronics is fast becoming a global appliance leader, ranking number one in worldwide sales of air conditioners, microwave ovens and canister vacuum cleaners. And, as the consumer trend of 'hiving' drives increased home entertaining, LG Electronics is poised to continue to capture market share in the U.S. across all product categories.

The company's 2005 home appliance product introductions include:

LG Range: The new LG Range delivers superior cooking versatility and added convenience, making it easier than ever for consumers to achieve great cooking results. With a 5.6 cubic foot capacity, the LG Range offers one of the largest capacity ovens in the industry and provides the cooking space needed for large family dinners, entertaining and special events. Featuring a smooth finish and stylish design, the large-capacity oven still fits in the standard 30-inch space, and features 6-, 9-, and 9-/12-inch expandable heating elements for maximum versatility to accommodate different sizes of pots and pans. Available in Q4 2005, at a manufacturer's suggested retail price ranging from $999 to $1,399.

Dishwashers: Featuring a sleek, sophisticated design that has become the hallmark of all LG products, LG's dishwashers are available in semi- and fully-integrated exterior models in a variety of finishes to suit any kitchen style and function. In addition to be being one of the quietest dishwashers on the market, the new LG dishwasher features one of the largest tub capacities available in the U.S. ' fitting 16-place settings, versus the standard 12 or 14 available on the market today. As with all LG appliances, the company's dishwasher line is also energy-efficient and low in water consumption. Available now, at a manufacturer's suggested retail price ranging from $699 to $999.

Remote Monitoring Laundry System: LG's Remote Monitoring Laundry System is a unique washer and dryer system that offers today's busy consumers the freedom and convenience to monitor their laundry cycle remotely, with a small device  ultimately letting them spend more of their time focusing on activities they enjoy. With this system, users are able to see the progress of washing and drying cycles as well as remaining time of the cycles. Available now, at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $1,349 for the washing machine, and $949 for the dryer, and $99 for the remote device.

Tromm Front Control Laundry System: The LG Tromm Front Control Laundry System features a new design, which measures in at 3.72 cubic feet for the washer and 7.3 cubic feet for the dryer, saving space while still offering a large load capacity. It features the noise-reducing Direct Drive system, a belt-less system that delivers power directly from the motor to the drum. Available now, at a manufacturer's suggested retail price ranging from $999 to $1,199 for the washer, and $799 to $949 for the dryer.

Panorama Three-Door Refrigerator: LG's Panorama Three-Door Refrigerator line, which now features the addition of an external water dispenser, allows consumers to easily access food and store large trays in the refrigerator section, while still having a large capacity freezer. Each Panorama Three-Door Refrigerator is beautifully designed on the inside and out with hidden hinges behind the sleek contoured doors. LG's Panorama Three-Door Refrigerator was recently ranked as one of the top products in this category from one of the nation's leading and most trusted consumer magazines. Available now at a manufacturer's suggested retail price ranging from $1,499 to $2,249.

TV Refrigerator: LG's TV Refrigerator, one of the company's flagship products, remains popular among today's consumers. This digitally converged device combines a sleek side-by-side refrigerator with a built-in 13.1-inch LCD television on the front panel, providing hours of entertainment. Available now, at a manufacturer's suggested retail price ranging from $3,000 to $3,200.

LG ART COOL Air Conditioner Series: The LG ART COOL air conditioner series combines functionality with design, which has become the hallmark of all LG-branded home appliances. The 'chameleon' of all air conditioners, this innovative 'work of art' blends in with the interior of any room while increasing air quality and comfort on a hot summer day providing consumers with more unique features than conventional air conditioners available on the market today. The innovative LG ART COOL system is 'split' into two efficient units. The first is a slim, lightweight interior wall-mounted evaporator unit, featuring switchable front-panels, available in a variety of styles and finishes including classic art designs and the second is an outdoor condensing unit. It is the only duct-free air conditioning series that offers three-way airflow with computer-controlled vanes that simulate a natural breeze creating a more natural flow of air to eliminate hot or cold spots from a room. Available now at a manufacturer's retail price ranging from $1,700 to $2,600.

Based in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc. (LGEUS) is the North American subsidiary of LG Electronics, Inc. LGEUS key product areas  consumer electronics, home appliances, information technology products and mobile phones are designed to deliver on the promise of its "LG: Life's Good" 2005 marketing theme. For more information, please visit

LG Electronics, Inc. (Korea Stock Exchange: 06657.KS) is a global force in electronics, information and communications products with 2004 annual sales of US $38 billion (consolidated). With more than 66,000 employees working in 76 subsidiaries in 39 countries around the world, LG Electronics is comprised of four main business companies including Mobile Communications, and Digital Appliance, Digital Display, and Digital Media. The LG Electronics Digital Display Company provides core technologies for cutting-edge digital products and is a world leader in digital display products including Plasma TVs, LCD TVs and Monitors, and HDTV (high-definition televisions). For more information please visit