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LG Electronics Flat Panel Display Products Highly Praised in US and Germany

- LG Electronics 50-inch plasma HD TV with built-in DVR is highly acclaimed by US-based

- LG Electronics 50-inch plasma HD TV with built-in DVR is highly acclaimed by US-based
Sound & Vision magazine for its"ultrarealistic" picture quality and convenient functions.
- Germany's HiFi Test magazine selected LGE' 32-inch LCD TV as the number one LCD TV for its superior sound and picture quality.

Seoul, July 21, 2005 --- LG Electronics 50-inch plasma HD TV and 32-inch LCD TV have received strong commendations in the US and Germany for their user-friendly functions, outstanding picture quality and sleek designs. The premium display products were reviewed by the highly regarded US IT magazine Sound & Vision, and Germany's HiFi Test magazine.

Sound & Vision described the LG Electronics 50-inch plasma HD TV with built-in DVR (50PY2DR) as a "HDTV first". Featuring in the July issue of the magazine, the HD TV was praised for its 'ultrarealistic, three-dimensional detail' and high-DVD picture quality which was applauded for its solid colour and crisp images.

The magazine praised the DVR's recording features for their ease of control, well-organised list and previously unseen HDR extras, including the ability to store and play digital photos and music files, which are loaded from a pair of versatile flash memory card slots on the side of the TV.

Germany's HiFi Test magazine* reviewed nine 32-inch LCD TVs and gave top honours to LG Electronics. The LG Electronics 32-inch LCD TV (32LP1R_ was especially praised for its high picture and sound quality as well as its unique design. The review made special mention of the LCD TV's strong black levels, contrast ratio and response time display together with its theatre-like audio quality.

These solid review by highly regarded technology publications are a testament to LG Electronics growing influence in two of the major international Flat Panel Display (FPD) markets, the US and Germany. LG Electronics is using its strong expertise in digital TV-related categories, including core chipsets, display parts, software, and source technology related to digital TV transmission, to make inroads into the rapidly growing FPD market.

The global electronics giant goal is to be the number one LCD and PDP TV player by 2007.