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LG Electronics Goes Full Blast With the World's Largest PDP Production System

Unveils the world's largest PDP TV (76 inches) in 2003 Korea Electronics Show

Unveils the world's largest PDP TV (76 inches) in 2003 Korea Electronics Show
Features a full high-definition screen and super-slim design (83-mm thick)
Bolsters its reputation as the world's leading power in PDP development technology
Full blast with the world's largest PDP production system
Seoul, Korea, October 6, 2003 - LG Electronics (Vice Chairman and CEO S.S.Kim / cemented its position as the leading manufacturer of plasma-display panel (PDP) TV after announcing that it has developed the world's largest-screen PDP TV.

Using innovative homegrown technologies, LG Electronics (LGE) outpaced the size of the 71-inch PDP TV (previously the world's largest) that it had recently unveiled in July 2003, but the new PDP-TV is larger by five inches, thereby breaking its own record in only three months.

In particular, LGE is set to kick off its latest product in the Korea Electronics Show to be held in COEX Center in Seoul, starting October 8. The product launching is expected to be the highlight of the exhibit.

The 76-inch PDP TV features a superior-quality full-definition screen, with 2.07 million pixels and'20 x 1080 super high-definition range. The product also boasts of an 83-mm thick super-slim design, making it the most advanced TV in terms of screen quality, size, and thickness.

The product used a one-unit type filter attached to the PDP module itself, the first of its kind in the world. LGE also applied its own new material (new MgO) designed for high-speed driving. In addition, the larger size of the new product made it possible to collect three sides of a 42-inch PDP from an original PDP.

LGE outpaced its competitors in Japan, the home of PDPs since'98, when it developed the 60-inch PDP TV, the first of its kind in the world. Today, LGE has emerged as the new leader in the PDP market. Through its continuous R&D efforts, LGE not only sustained its lead in the industry but also surpassed own record by pioneering the world's largest 71-inch PDP in July and immediately upgrading it with the bigger 76-inch PDP TV after only three months.

LGE is now equipped with the world's largest production system, having pushed through with the full-blast operation of the second PDP line by the end of September 2003. With rising sales and increasing market share, the company is expected to grab the top post in the global market by the second half of the next year. By that time, LGE will operate the third line, the world's largest single-line production facility. Thus, LGE will soon emerge as the world's No. 1 TV company, fully armed with outstanding capability and unrivalled breakthrough technology.

Nam K. Woo, President of the LGE Digital Display and Media Company, said, "LGE has no other competitor but itself." He added, "We are committed to maintain and protect our top position in the PDP TV industry through continuous R&D and development of advanced technologies."

About LG Electronics
Established in'58 as Korea's pioneer consumer electronics company, LG Electronics is a major global force in Electronics and Information & Communications products. More than 55,000 employees working in 73 overseas subsidiaries and marketing units around the world, strengthen LG Electronics' core competencies in three main business companies: Digital Appliance, Digital Display and Media, Telecommunication Equipment & Handset. The Digital Displays and Media Company provides core technologies and cutting-edge digital products such as Digital TVs including PDP and LCD TV and digitally integrated products like AV products, optical storage, set-top boxes, and home servers. LG Electronics' goal is to enable the intelligent networking of digital products that will make consumers' lives easier than ever. For more information, please visit