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LG Electronics Joins GSMA (GSM Association)

LG Electronics Joins GSMA (GSM Association)

LG Electronics Joins GSMA (GSM Association)

- Korea's first company to join GSMA (GSM Association), a global trade association that represents the interests of GSM and 3G mobile operators
- Secures partnerships with major global mobile operators as well as business opportunities
- GSMA membership will enable LG Electronics to play a bigger role in defining future needs in conjunction with mobile operators

January 24, 2005, Seoul, Korea - Amid its continued growth in the GSM and 3G mobile handset business, LG Electronics (CEO: S.S.Kim/06657.KS) has joined GSMA, an organization that plays a vital role in the development of the GSM platform and of the global wireless industry.

On January 24, LG Electronics, joined GSMA (GSM Association), Korea's first mobile handset manufacturer of its kind, and is set to further make inroads into the GSM and 3G mobile handset market.

Established in'87, GSMA is an international cooperative organization designed to develop GSM mobile telecommunication technologies and platforms, as well as the worldwide wireless telecommunication industry. The organization is currently operating to ensure the interests of GSM and 3G mobile operators throughout the world.

As of end of December 2004, it consisted of 650 second and third generation mobile operators and more than 150 manufacturers and suppliers. Major members include Nokia, Motorola, Intel, Microsoft, and Cisco, among others.

As part of its major activities, GSMA holds 3GSM World Congress in Cannes, France, every year in February, where companies engaged in mobile communications business from around the world participate. The organization also holds General Meeting as well as GSMA Leadership Summit for CEOs from the industry.

LG Electronics, Korea's first company to become a signatory to GSMA, is expected to actively participate in over nine working groups of GSMA, discuss mobile technologies-related issues, and contribute to the development of GSM and W-CDMA technologies.

With such expected activities within GSMA, LG Electronics is set to forge partnerships with major GSM and 3G mobile operators to widen its business opportunities. LG Electronics also looks to collect information on latest trends and major service direction of GSM and 3G operators, and use such information in developing products, thus reflecting operators' requirements and bolstering its competitiveness in the global market.

Mun-hwa Park, President of Mobile Communications Company at LG Electronics, said, "LG Electronics began its GSM handset business in 2000 and its business posted a hefty growth rate of 100% every year attracting a great deal of attention from the world. LG Electronics looks forward to bolstering its partnership with major global operators, thus aggressively penetrating the GSM and 3G markets in Europe and other regions around the world."