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LG Electronics Launches World's Largest 71-inch PDP TV

- Begins to mass-produce world's first and largest 71-inch PDPTV

- Begins to mass-produce world's first and largest 71-inch PDPTV
- Reinforces 'Luxury Gold Design" image by gold-decorating PDPTV, home theatre and set-top box
- Implements 1080p full-HD and 16:9 wide screen, and embeds picture-enhancement chip XD engine
- Launches prestige marketing campaigns in Korea and global markets, and plans order-based mass-production
- Aims for world's largest market share (30%) in PDP modules by 2005, and world's top spot (20%) in PDPTV by 2006

November 22, 2004, Seoul, Korea: LG Electronics (CEO: S.S.Kim/06657.KS) is poised to aggressively roll out super-large 71-inch PDPTVs, the first of its kind worldwide. The model is sold in a package including home theatre system and set-top box, and it is priced at world's highest 80 million won.

LG Electronics (CEO: S. S. Kim / unveiled world's largest 71-inch PDPTV at Hilton Hotel, Seoul, on November 22, before rolling out the model in Korea and global markets.

Attending the ceremony were about 20 executives including CTO Woo Paik, Digital Display & Media President Nam K. Woo, and LG Electronics Institute of Technology President Hee-gook Lee.

LG Electronics overcame technological difficulties to successfully implement full high-definition with 1080p (scanning line) and 16:9 contrast ratio with the world's first and largest 71-inch PDP. The technology was considered impossible with a super-large PDPTV when the company began to develop it in July last year. This breakthrough will surely have a great impact on the flat panel display industry.

Meanwhile, LG Electronics had not only decorated the 71-inch PDPTV set, but also its package items, home theatre system and terrestrial digital broadcast receiver with 24-k gold, thus seeking to reinforce the most premium platinum image of 'Luxury Gold Design.'

In Korea, the 71-inch PDP TV will be sold at world's highest price of 80 million won, in a package including home theatre system and digital broadcast receiver. In particular, the model will be displayed in department stores and distributors' shops that can attract a large number of potential customers and bolster the most premium platinum image.

Also, LG Electronics is set to aggressively sell the 71-inch PDPTV through target marketing and order-based mass-production strategies. The company later will launch the model in North America, Middle East, and CIS regions.

At the ceremony, DDM President Nam K. Woo disclosed the company's strategies to grab the first spot in the global PDPTV market by 2006.

LG Electronics will reinforce its market leadership in two axes of flat panel display, PDPTV and LCDTV, thus consolidating LG flat panel display as world's top brand of its kind.

Thus, LG Electronics aims for 30% share of the global PDP module market by 2005, the first spot in the global PDPTV market by 2006, and No.1 position in the global LCDTV market by 2008.

In particular, as the demand base of PDPTVs is increasingly expanding and entering the stage where they have become popularized, LG Electronics is set to focus on developing PDPTVs for the use of a wider population, though the screen size is an important competitiveness factor.

In the event, President Nam K. Woo said, "Through the occasion of launching world's largest 71-inch PDPTV, LG Electronics will solidify its global leadership in the segment of flat panel display through brand marketing campaigns and world's top technologies."

He added, "LG Electronics will concentrate its capacity on PDPTV and LCDTV, and pursue strategic linkages and synergies between home audio-video business, car infortainment business, and mobile audio-video business, among other things, thus attaining the rank of global top 3 in the segment of display and media by 2007."

LG Electronics is poised to use its digital TV-related core competitiveness in the three areas of core chip sets, display components (vertical sequencing), and software, as well as patents on digital TV transmission technologies (VSB/EVSB), and thus aggressively penetrate the rapidly-growing digital TV market (please refer to LG Electronics' Digital TV Competitiveness below).

LG Electronics has posted the first-spot share in the PDPTV market in 17 nations including Britain, Germany, Spain, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa, and will expand the number of nations where it will post the largest market share to 30 by 2005.

Meanwhile, to aggressively explore overseas markets, LG Electronics has structured digital TV production bases in the three overseas hubs of North America (Mexico), Europe (Poland), and China (Shenyang and Nanjing). The company is set to continue to analyze customer needs by region and conduct region-suited marketing campaigns.

The global PDPTV market is estimated at 3.5 million units for this year, and North America and Europe are continuously increasing their demand, and emerging markets are broadening its base. As such, the global PDPTV market will likely continue to expand to 6.3 million units by 2005, 10 million units by 2006, and 12 million units by 2007.
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