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Englewood Cliffs, NJ, May, 2005 --- LG Electronics, a global leader in high-performance Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology is set to make a big splash with their high-end LCDs at E3, the largest gaming EXPO in the United States. As the premium LCD vendor for such well respected companies as ATI, ABIT and Intel, LG's LCDs will be on display demonstrating the latest gaming and interactive entertainment technology.

"LG is known for delivering superior LCDs with quick response times, crisp vibrant images, innovative technology and cutting edge design," said Morris Lee, President, LG IT Brand Division. "LG is teaming-up with other industry leaders to show gamers that Life's Good with LG and that we are among the pioneers in top-notch LCDs for gaming and entertainment."

"ABIT has built a reputation of developing products on the cutting edge of technology, and we look for the same commitment to excellence when choosing a partner," said Daisy Wang, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ABIT USA. "LG monitors can handle our demanding needs and help our products demonstrate their full potential. Since partnering with LG last year, we have found the combination of performance and style in their LCDs to be the best."

As more and more gamers turn to LCDs for their gaming rigs, they look beyond cool aesthetics and functionality for a response time that will eliminate smearing and ghosting. LG LCDs feature the 8 millisecond response time gamers want and need in models ranging from 15 32. At 8 milliseconds, gamers will find no delay in their action and LG's LCDs can tame even the fastest first-person shooter or driving games.
At the heart of LG LCDs is f-ENGINE, the world's first and only picture enhancing chip. An exclusive technology developed by LG Electronics, f-ENGINE has the ability to enhance brightness and color independently of each other, resulting in the most true to life images available in LCDs today. This color management software enables the most savvy users to fine tune their LCDs to their personal preferences.
Not to be overshadowed by their impressive technology, LG is dedicated to offering customers LCDs that look as good as they perform. Highlighted by the recently launched 80 series, which features a double hinged arm allowing the LCD to rotate, fold flat and even bend over backwards, LG LCDs look right at home in any gaming or entertainment setting. LG's attention to design was acknowledged last month when it was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design award.
About LG LCDs
Launched at CES in January 2005, LG's much talked about 80 series LCD has everything a gamer is looking for including its 8 millisecond response time that virtually eliminates any ghosting or smearing in PC Games. With its unique ability to fold flat (just over 2 inches in height) the 80 Series is great for gamers who are tired of lugging big CRTs to LAN parties. And with LG's strategically placed ports on the back of the base, plugging and unplugging is quick and easy.
Powered by LG's f-ENGINE technology, gamers will enjoy crisp, vibrant images that until now could only be found in a CRT monitor. Light images are light and dark images are dark, creating true to life graphics that highlight every detail in today's most advanced games.
In both 17 and' versions, the 80 series is a monitor with the style and sophistication every gamer is looking for. Below are some additional specs on the 80 Series:
 Analog and digital inputs
- 1280 x 1024 resolution
- Contrast ratio of 500:1
- Viewing angle of 160o/160o
- All wall mounting brackets included
- Advance color software management program
E3 will be the coming out party for LG's latest big screen LCD, the L3200TF. An ideal PC media center LCD, the L3200TF is equipped with an 8 millisecond response time, a TV tuner and two detachable speakers. The unit also has a stunning 1366 x 768 (WXGA) resolution and a viewing angle of 178o/178o, making it the focal point of any multimedia center.
Packed with features like picture-in-picture, picture-on-picture and picture-by-picture, and Multi-A/V capabilities, this sleek LCD monitor/TV is a technological work of art.
Media enthusiasts who have mastered the art of multi-tasking will love the L3200TF's picture-in-picture feature allowing users to watch TV on the main picture and have their PC running in the smaller picture. This is a great way to keep and eye on the big game while finishing your work. Below are some additional features of the L3200TF:
- PC Analog and Digital connections
- Mini stereo phone jack
- Composite, S-Video and Component Video inputs
- Aspect ratio of 16:9
- Contrast Ratio 1000:1 (AI) 500:1 (Typical)
- Brightness of 500 cd/m2
A full range of LG LCD's including the 80 series and the L3200TF can be found on the floor of the show at the following booths:
- ABIT  West 228
- ATI  Kentia 6823
- Intel  Concourse 153C
All LG LCD panels exceed ISO 9000 standards and come with an industry-leading three-year, QuickSwap Replacement warranty. Consumers can find the nearest LG retailer by visiting and selecting "Computer Products."
About ABIT
ABIT Computer Corp. designs and sells a family of award-winning and uniquely engineered motherboards and multimedia products that support leading technology and provide high quality performance intended for integration of a variety of PC applications. Corporate headquarters are currently located in Taiwan, for more information please visit the company web site at". Please review it and see if it is ok on your press release.

About LG Electronics, Inc.
LG Electronics, Inc. (Korea Stock Exchange: 06657.KS) is a global force in electronics, information and communications products with 2004 annual sales of US $38 billion (consolidated). With more than 66,000 employees working in 76 subsidiaries in 39 countries around the world, LG Electronics is comprised of four main business companies including Mobile Communications, and Digital Appliance, Digital Display, and Digital Media.

LG Electronics Digital Display Company provides core technologies for cutting-edge digital products and is a world leader in digital display products including Plasma TVs, LCD TVs and Monitors, and HDTV (high-definition televisions). For more information please visit
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