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New Models Incorporate Feature-Rich Packages to Suit a Variety of Consumer Needs; Premium Finishes Address Demand for More Style in Today's Laundry Room

New Models Incorporate Feature-Rich Packages to Suit a Variety of Consumer Needs; Premium Finishes Address Demand for More Style in Today's Laundry Room
LAS VEGAS, May 8, 2007 - LG Electronics introduces three new laundry pairs, expanding its award-winning line of front-load laundry appliances. The washers will include capacities starting at 3.5 cubic feet, a mid-sized version with 3.83 cubic-foot capacity, and the largest with a 4.0 cubic-foot capacity. In addition to size, each new model includes a series of individual features and functions, while maintaining LG's sleek, sophisticated design.
Developed for today's homeowners that are interested in bringing style and enhanced functionality to their laundry rooms at a reasonable price point, LG's laundry systems are on display along with the company's complete line of laundry products including the new steam laundry technology at the 2007 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas, May 8-10 (Booth C3713).
"As laundry rooms emerge from the basement and move closer to the family living area, consumers are investing in these spaces - just as they have done in the past with kitchens and entertainment rooms and outdoor patios - and are embracing new technology, functionality and style," said John Herrington, president, LG Electronics USA, Inc. Digital Appliances. "LG is at the forefront of this trend and is committed to helping consumers make their laundry area more streamlined, functional, and stylish - delivering technology that makes washer-dryer operation easier and more productive than ever and styling that includes bold new designs and premium finishes."
The new 3.5 cubic-foot capacity washing machine (WM2016) will now offer an LED display and Dial-A-Cycle" control panel to allow consumers to easily select from five washing programs and five temperature levels, as well as featuring five spin speed options for the washer, including one of the highest spin speeds available at its price point at 1,050 RPMs.
" The unit is also equipped with a Direct Drive Motor, which operates without belts or pulleys, and delivers power directly from the motor to the drum, bringing consumers the benefits of reduced operating sound and vibration, as well as increased energy savings. The Direct Drive Motor combined with SpinSense" - an option that detects vibration and then adjusts the spin speed to reduce vibration - allows for a low vibration level making this unit an ideal solution for second floor installations.
" The washer and dryer pair also features LG's SenseClean" system, an intelligent fabric care technology. This system 'senses' the weight and size of the load, then determines the water level and wash time and sets it automatically resulting in optimal washing care and efficiency. This new laundry pair will be available at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $849 for the washer, and $749 for the matching dryer.
For consumers with large families or a desire to sanitize their wash, LG offers a 3.83 cubic-foot model with an on-board water heater. The model also includes an 1,100 RPM spin speed and Dial-A-Cycle" control panel with preset cycle selections to provide worry-free settings for optimal fabric care. Users can also save their favorite cycle preferences using the Custom Program feature.
" The unit also offers seven wash programs including a sanitary cycle which raises temperatures to 158°F to remove tough stains and bacteria from clothing.
" The system boasts a DelayWash function, giving users the option to program the machine to start their laundry up to' hours after it has been loaded.
" Other design features include a chrome-rimmed door with clear glass panel.
The washer is expected to be available in May at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $949 in white and $1,049 in a titanium finish; the matching dryer is available at $849 in white and $949 in titanium.
LG's largest capacity model, the 4.0 cubic feet washer, is the largest front load washer available for home use and is ideal for large families as it gives consumers the ability to wash more laundry - including bulky items such as king-sized linens and sleeping bags - in fewer loads, saving time, water and energy. Its high spin speed of 1,200 RPMs helps to extract water from clothing for better drying efficiencies, while still offering a quiet operation.
" LG's unique "Load Sensing" option determines the size of the load prior to the wash cycle so the consumer can adjust the amount of detergent used. With this feature, consumers will not only save money on detergent, but will prevent the build-up of soap residue on clothing.
" The unit's matching dryer features a FlowSense" Duct Clogging Sensor which detects blockages in the ductwork that could reduce exhaust flow from the dryer. Alerting the consumer that the ducts need cleaning maximizes operating efficiency.
" The washer and dryer pair also feature highly styled control with a LED display and ergonomically designed Dial-A-Cycle to allow consumers to easily select from nine washing programs.
" This unit is expected to be available in July in a premium pearl gray finish for $1,199 and white finish for $1,049 for the washer, and $1,049 in pearl gray finish and white finish for $949 for the matching dryer.

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