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LG Electronics Selected as a Major Provider of 3G Handsets for Cingular

LG Electronics Selected as a Major Provider of 3G Handsets for Cingular

LG Electronics Selected as a Major Provider of 3G Handsets for Cingular

- Just in time for the launch of the very first WCDMA services in USA in the second half of 2005 - The only Korean manufacturer to land the role
- Establishing its cornerstone in the North American WCDMA market - Renaissance as the 3G stronghold on both sides of the Atlantic
- After Hutchison, Orange and Telefonica - Further expansion in sales quantity and upcoming deals with other carriers expected

LG Electronics is selected as one of the major providers of WCDMA handsets for Cingular Wireless, the top GSM carrier in USA, hence embarking on its conquest of the US 3G WCDMA market with full force after its successful entry in Europe.

LG Electronics (CEO: Ssang Soo Kim/ officially announced that it is the only Korean company to join the group of major providers such as Nokia and Motorola for Cingular's launch of 3G WCDMA services which will be introduced in the US market for the first time in the second half of 2005.

This is greatly significant in that LG successfully secured a competitive advantage as one of the future major providers for Cingular Wireless as well as establishing its brand leadership in the US WCDMA market, which is only second in size to its European counterpart.

This year, in particular, LG Electronics saw 3G handset sales of a remarkable scale to major European WCDMA carriers such as Hutchison, Orange and Telefonica. By setting the cornerstone of the North American WCDMA market, LG is anticipated to renew itself in the coming year as the true stronghold in the field of 3G handsets on both sides of the Atlantic.

Michael Ahn (President and CEO, LG Electronics USA, Inc.) explained: "This is a significant step for LG who has entered the US GSM market somewhat belatedly towards the end of last year and yet made its way into the status of the only Korean 3G handset provider for Cingular - the largest carrier in the USA - in no more than a year. LG will further strengthen its brand image in North America by securing early leadership in the US 3G handset market and reinforcing its product leadership."

In his turn, Mun-Hwa Park (President, LGE Telecommunication Equipment and Handset Company) enthusiased, "Being a major provider for Cingular's 3G handsets correctly highlights the worldwide recognition enjoyed by LG's 3G business and WCDMA technology that have taken dramatic strides this year. LG's 3G business will further accelerate both this year and next year to bring the company closer to achieving the goal of "Global Top 3 by 2006."

Cingular Wireless operates a nationwide GSM network in the USA, recently rising as the largest mobile communications service company in the country after merging earlier this year with AT&T Wireless, the 3rd US mobile communications carrier, with a combined total of 46 million subscribers. It is now preparing to launch 3G WCDMA and 2.7 generation EDGE services in the 4th quarter next year.

On the other side of the Atlantic, after delivering its first shipment of WCDMA handsets (LG-U8110) to Hutchison in May this year, LG Electronics has successfully supplied further quantities to various European carriers, projecting a supply of over 3.6 million WCDMA handsets around the globe.