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LG Electronics showcases its cutting-edge technologies at KES 2005

Seoul, October 11, 2005 --- LG Electronics (CEO: S. S. Kim / showcases its cutting-edge digital products at the 2005Korea Electronics Show (KES) held at KINTEX in Goyang City on October 11 - 15.

Seoul, October 11, 2005 --- LG Electronics (CEO: S. S. Kim / showcases its cutting-edge digital products at the 2005Korea Electronics Show (KES) held at KINTEX in Goyang City on October 11 - 15.

LG Electronics showcases globally competitive plasma TVs, LCD TVs, DMB phones, home networking/built-in appliances, and other digital convergence products.

LG Electronics displays the world's largest 102-inch plasma TV, 71-inch gold-decorated plasma TV, Timemachine plasma TV, 55-inch full HD LCD TV, memory-card-embedded LCD TV, and other premium products, thus emphasizing convergence display products equipped with various combination functions.

LG Electronics also exhibits satellite/terrestrial DMB phones with innovative designs, one-million-polygon 3D Game Phone, innovative handsets equipped with unusual sophisticated designs and functions, and the world's first terrestrial DMB laptop PC.

In addition, LG Electronics showcases an upscale space, where built-in home appliances blend with a collection of new-concept, DIOS kitchen home appliances. This future-oriented living space allows visitors to personally operate the Roboking vacuum cleaner and other premium appliances as well as the DIOS collection.

Major Products in KES 2005

:: Plasma TV

LG Electronics' 102-inch plasma TV boasts a full level HD (2.07-million pixel, 1,920x1,080), double the existing level of HD (1 million-pixel, 1,365x768).

Thus LG Electronics has secured the industry's largest full lineup of full HD plasma TVs with sizes of 102, 76, 71, and 60 inches.

This full HD plasma TV employs super-speed driving technology and innovative material, which are essential to full HD plasmas. It also has double the resolution of ordinary plasma TVs, yet provides the same level of 1,000 candelas (cd) and a contrast rate of higher than 5,000:1.

In developing this high-efficiency 102-inch plasma TV, LG Electronics employs high-speed signal treatment technology and its proprietary technology of picture treatment algorithms.

The 102-inch plasma TV was initially developed towards the end of last year at the company's A2 production line. However, the 102-inch plasma TV displayed at KES 2005, was produced at its A3 production line, which began its full operation in September.

The world's largest commercialized 71-inch plasma TV features 1080p, scanning line full HD images and a screen ratio of 16:9.

LG Electronics showcases a package of a gold-decorated home theater system together with the 71-inch plasma TV in a 'Luxury Gold Design,' which is focused on premium platinum.

The HDR plasma TV, which is the first of its kind in the world to be equipped with a hard disk recording device, also embeds a memory card slot and a 160GB hard disk. This device possesses 2-3 times the ordinary PC storage capacity and is designed to record and play up to 13 hours of HD broadcasts and up to 63 hours of analog broadcasts without a separate storage device).

This product employs the Timemachine function, designed to automatically record one hour of broadcasts, thus allowing users to continuously view TV programs without a disconnection. It is growing popular at home and abroad.

:: PDP Module

LG Electronics boast its cutting-edge technologies in the category of plasma by showcasing 60-inch full HD plasmas, 50-inch single-scan plasmas and others.

The 60-inch full HD PDP, the first of its kind in the world, which was unveiled by LG Electronics, delivers a full HD resolution level (2.07-million pixels, 1,920x1,080), double the existing HD level (one million pixel, 1,365x768).

Also, 42-inch and 50-inch single-scan PDPs, the first of its kind in the world, which were developed by LG Electronics, feature 1,000 candelas by employing a new electric discharging cell structure with an efficiency upgraded by 30% compared to existing ones, as well as a new electric discharging gas. They support a contrast ratio of 10,000: 1 and deliver clearer pictures by employing its proprietary picture clarity enhancement algorithms.


LG Electronics unveils, 55-inch all-in-all, full HD LCD TVs and multi memory slot-embedded LCD TVs.

The memory slot-embedded digital tuner, all-in-all 32-inch LCD TV(32LP1D), employs a 9-in-2 multi memory-card slot, allowing it to use a total of nine memory cards such as CF/MD/SD/SMC/MMC/ MS/MS Pro/MagicStar /Xd, as well as displaying photos and delivering live sounds of MP3 files stored in memory cards through the stereo speaker.

Also, the company unveils a 55-inch all-in-all type LCD TV, the first of the 50-inch range in the world to be commercialized. The LCD TV is equipped with the XD Engine, a picture clarity enhancement device, designed to perfectly treat digital signals, as well as delivering a full HD resolution of 1920x1080(1080p).

The 55-inch LCD TV, employing an S-IPS module, allows users to watch high-clarity TV at a 178 degree angle, the world's largest, horizontally and vertically.

:: LCD Monitor

LG Electronics unveils LCD monitors with innovative designs and functions, reflecting various consumer needs.

80-series (L1780Q and L1980Q) LCD monitors deliver the world's thinnest, 20.5mm depth, half the depth of existing monitors, and a 66mm depth in its folding mode.

In particular, they deliver a high contrast ratio of 1600:1. They also employ Auto-Pivot and Auto-Mirror functions. The auto-Pivot function is designed to automatically allow for the spinning of the monitor to achieve portrait mode. The Auto-Mirror function is designed for the flipping of the screen content when you turn the display over.

The 40-series LCD monitors (model: L1740PQ and others) possess amazing designs based on a balanced blending of man-made straight lines and divinity-made curved lines.

Meanwhile, 80-series and 4-series products provide the world's fastest response speed 8ms.

:: Mobile Phones

LG Electronics showcases about 20 kinds of new cutting-edge products and accessories, such as the T-style design satellite/terrestrial DMB phones, multi-tasking super-small fashion Music Phone, 5-million-pixel digital camera phone, Slide Up & Down Phone, Navigation Phone and 3D Game Phone.

Satellite DMB phones (LG-SB130/KB1300) and terrestrial DMB phones (LG-LD1200) unveiled at KES 2005, all feature a rotational T-style design LCD, allowing users to conveniently watch DMB in the horizontal slide out screen while using one hand.

They are also equipped with a picture clarity enhancement (mobile XD-engine), employing LG Electronics' world-class digital TV technology and a 2.2-inch QVGA (320x240) LCD, thus allowing users to watch clear-picture broadcasts.

In particular, the satellite phones (LG-SB130/KB1300) employ the Timemachine function, which is the first of its kind to allow users to speak over the phone while watching TV. The Timemachine Phone enables up to 60 minutes of recording and replaying. It also supports virtual 5.1-channel and delivers stereo quality 3D sounds.

The world's first Timemachine DMB Phone highlights LG Electronics' unique synergistic effect, which is a direct result of its digital TV technology as well as its mobile technology design and development. LG Electronics will continue to accelerate the convergence of both categories, producing creative synergies to become the world's top mobile phone maker.

In addition, LG Electronics unveils a super-small Fashion Music Phone (LG-KP4700) at KES. The Music Phone features a strengthened MP3 function, which allows users to search songs through voice recognition, and supports multi-tasking functions that allow users to listen to music and simultaneously send short text messages.

This product is presented in a necklace style, allowing it to become a fashion item like an MP3 player. It is equipped with a large-capacity memory, storing up to 48 songs (with a limit of per song 4MB). It also supports an external memory (T-Flash), maximizing expandability.

:: Built-in Home Appliances

LG Electronics' built-in products are presented in a similar fashion to Europe's traditional built-in styles. As such, each built-in product comes in unique designs, colors, materials, panel height, button shapes and with several other details, allowing kitchen appliances to look like part of the furniture.

The products coordinate the aluminum color with the materials, thus boosting its premium look. Showcased are dishwashers, kimchi refrigerators, light-wave ovens (upper and lower ovens), combination refrigerators, hoods, and wine cellars.

The HomeNet links the kitchen's dish washer, light-wave oven, and kimchi refrigerator with the living room, and demonstrates the capability to automatically power the kitchen appliances and controls the gas pipe valve.

:: DIOS Collection

The DIOS collection of new premium kitchen appliances is also showcased to consumers who are interested in kitchen interior designs.

The DIOS collection consists of a DIOS side-by-side refrigerator, DIOS brand kimchi refrigerator, wine cellar, light-wave oven and dishwasher. These products come in unique colors and designs and blend well with the kitchen furniture. Each product can independently enhance built-in effects.

:: Roboking

The Roboking robot cleaner, which is growing in popularity, demonstrates its cleaning ability over a 3.5m x 3.5m area.

Also, Roboking demonstrates its cleaning capability in a circle stand on a mirror floor so visitors can watch it in action. Six units in three colors are showcased during the show.

Roboking, employing a premium *BLDC motor, can suction dust ten times stronger than ordinary robot cleaners (10 ~30W). Roboking, the first cleaner in the world to be equipped with a lithium polymer battery (Li-PB), has a life 4-8 times longer than ordinary robot cleaners. Also, the gyro sensor enhances the accuracy of moving it and allows Roboking to move forward and backward and right and left, thoroughly covering the space.

:: PC

LG Electronics' new-concept AV equipment, DV50, that combines a PC, a DVD player, and a home theatre system, the first of its kind, is equipped with a digital TV tuner, which allows it to be used as a set-top box. It is equipped with a large 160GB hard disk, allowing it to record, play and copy HDTV programs.

DV50, when connecting a digital amplifier to its embedded speakers, can serve as a home theater system. In particular, the DV50, which is equipped with the Timemachine function, allows it to record and play TV programs. You can get this next-generation AV equipment over the Internet.

Also, LG Electronics showcases a Sonoma platform-based 12.1-inch high-performance terrestrial DMB laptop PC (LW20).

LW20 features a 12.1-inch wide LCD, 3-watt (two 1.5-watt speakers) high-output stereo speakers, allowing it to become a mobile theater.

In addition, LW20, despite its small size at 12 inches, is equipped with a Pentium M 2.13GHz CPU and a large 1GB DDR2 memory, and features a high-polish blue color, thus sporting upgraded designs and performance.