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LG flat-screen TVs sweep world-class design awards

LG flat-screen TVs sweep world-class design awards

LG flat-screen TVs sweep world-class design awards

- Sweep world-class prestigious design awards, proving the competitive edge of its flat-screen TVs in North America and Europe

- Winner of CES innovation, iF design, Reddot design, and Popular Mechanics awards

- Based on its world-class design competitiveness, aims for No. 1 position in PDP TVs by 2006, and No. 1 in LCD TVs by 2008

LG Electronics (CEO: S.S. Kim / 06657.KS) sees its flat-screen TVS like PDP TVs andLCD TVs sweeping world-class designs awards in North America and Europe, brightening prospects for its aim of being number one in PDP TVs by 2006 and LCD TVs by 2008.

The company's 50-inch all-in-one type PDP TV (TN-50PY20) with world's first built-in hard disk received an iF Design Award at CeBIT 2005, and was selected as a superior product by U.S. 'Popular Mechanics.' The model also won a Reddot Design Award that is due to be delivered in July. In addition, its 60-inch model with the same design grabbed an Innovation Award at CES 2005 held early this year.

The 50-inch PDP TV has a built-in 160-gigabyte hard disk, which can store 13 hours of full high-definition broadcasts or 62 hours of analogue broadcasts. The model includes two slots that can support nine-standard types of memory cards.

Also, the 55-inch LCD TV (55LP10), the world's largest mass-production type model, won an Innovation Award at CES 2005 held early this year, an iF Design Award, and a Reddot Design Award.

The 55-inch LCD TV, the world's first commercialized model in the 50-inch range with a built-in set-top box enables the watching of digital broadcasts. The model has a built-in picture enhancement chip, XD Engine, to display high-definition images, and features a unique sense of premium aluminum.

Meanwhile, LG Electronics' nine products including a 50-inch HDD-embedded PDP TV, and the world's largest 55-inch all-in-one LCD TV, received 2005 Reddot Design Awards from world-prestigious design institute German Design Zentrum.

Previously LG Electronics received one Reddot award in 2002, nine products seized awards in 2003, 13 products including a 48-inch LCD projection TV, LCD monitors, GSM mobile handsets, and notebook PCs grabbed awards in 2004. In 2005 LG Electronics is set to receive eleven awards. The award ceremony will be held at the Design Zentrum in Germany in July.

LG Electronics' 2005 Reddot Design Award-winning products include not only PDP TVs and LCD TVs, but also ultra-slim LCD monitors (L1780U and L1980U), a personal computer (X800), a DVD player (DF-8900), a TV- enabled DIOS refrigerator (R-G694GZA), TROMM washing machines (WD-16340FD, WD-16341FD, TD-C70070, and TD- C70080), a French DIOS refrigerator (R-F718GHMS), Cyking vacuum cleaners (V-C6683HTU, V-C6682HE, and V- C6681S), a wine cellar (R-WZ41GKX), and a GSM mobile handset (LG-GS9).

The Reddot Design Awards, together with iF Design Awards are one of Europe's two most prestigious design awards. Launched in'55, the Reddot Design Award goes to products with outstanding designs. The award- winning products are able to feature the Red Dot accreditation mark, and are recognized for their design excellence worldwide.

Screening members for 'Reddot Design Award 2005' were comprised of world-renowned personnel in the global design community, including the next Chairman of ICSID Dr. Peter Zec. 4,000-odd products from about 40 nations competed this time for the Reddot Design Awards.

Meanwhile, LG Electronics' 16 products including PDP TVs and LCD TVs were evaluated as best at CES 2005 in the category of innovative design and technological excellence, making the company become the industry' s largest innovation awards winner at 16 for two consecutive years, as well as 9 iF Design Awards.