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Press Release


LG handset innovation aims to steal the show at ITU Telecom Asia 2004

- LGE to unveil its most advanced handsets at the ITU Telecom Asia 2004

- LGE to unveil its most advanced handsets at the ITU Telecom Asia 2004
taking place in Busan, Korea, from September 7-11
- Under LGE's ITU theme, "One Fine Day with LG Mobile", LGE will let its
visitors be taken through a hands-on mobile experience in real-life settings
- Marking an important occasion to demonstrate LGE's readiness to lead the
premium handset market

Busan, Korea, September 6, 2004 ------ LG Electronics (LGE) will unveil its most
advanced mobile phones at ITU Telecom Asia 2004 taking place in the southern port
city of Busan, Korea from September 7-11, 2004. The new line-up of products,
including DMB phones and a range of mega-pixel camera phones, will consolidate
the company's reputation as the world's innovation leader in handset design
and functionality ‐ and draw strong attention from Asian markets eager to
embrace the latest technology.

LGE's exciting presence at ITU Telecom Asia is another reflection of its growing
international market stature. Only recently, the company announced an agreement with
major European operators, including Hutchison and Orange, which will put the company
at the forefront of the UMTS (WCDMA) market and significantly strengthen its position
in the European and Asian GSM markets.

The company's ITU theme, "One Fine Day with LG Mobile", will see it vividly showcase
the increasing role and importance of its mobile handset technology in daily life.
Event visitors will be taken through a hands-on mobile experience in an office, café,
street, and home settings. In the home environment, the company will demonstrate its
leading-edge home-networking systems which see mobile phones controlling digital
appliances, such as washing machines, air-conditioners and TVs.

The highlights of LGE's participation at ITU will include:

- The presentation of its LGE's 3G leadership represented by its dual band
(GSM, GPRS/WCDMA) multi-media mobile phone - the U8110. The handset, a European-style
3G unit featuring a state-of-the-art folding camera phone with a 65,000-color TFT-LCD,
enables video telephony, VOD, MMS, and other sophisticated multimedia functions. It
has been introduced by Hutchison for European users to get a true sense of the
potential of 3G service.

- The LG8000 and T5100 handsets, equipped with 1.3 mega-pixel camera phones to target
both the CDMA and GSM markets.

- The unveiling of both a 2.0 mega-pixel and 3.0 mega-pixel camera phone,
which have already been introduced in the Korean domestic market, and a number of
advanced functions including satellite DMB phones, MP3 phones, and fingerprint-
identification phones.

Attendees representing LGE at ITU Telecom Asia 2004 will include M.H. Park,
President & CEO; Kenn Suh, Executive Vice President in Asia/Middle East/Africa
Business Division; and Skott Ahn, Executive Vice President in the mobile handset R&D center.

On September 7, in Conference Room 205-206, Mr. Ahn will deliver a speech on the personal
mobile communication environment and its future at Forum B1, "Defining the Personal Mobile
Space"; Mr. Ahn has more than 20 years R&D experience in the telecommunication industry.

"We see ITU Telecom Asia 2004 as an important occasion to demonstrate LGE's readiness
to lead the region as it rapidly embraces the latest technology and developments in
the 3G and premium mobile phone markets," said M.H. Park, President & CEO of LG
Electronics Telecommunication Equipment and Handset Company. Mr Park added:
"I am convinced that our cutting edge mobile technology and customer-oriented marketing
strategy, will allow LGE to become the unrivalled 3G leader worldwide."

ITU Telecom Asia, Asia's largest exhibition, is a regional event for International
Telecommunication Union (ITU) and was first held in 1985 in response to the specific
needs and developments in the Asian market. It has previously been held in Singapore
(1985, 1989, 1993, 1997) and Hong Kong (2000 and 2002).