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LG Introduces Energy Saving Multi Power System for Air Conditioners

LG Introduces Energy Saving Multi Power System for Air Conditioners

LG Introduces Energy Saving Multi Power System for Air Conditioners
Cutting-edge technology controlling multiple compressors reduces energy consumption, noise and vibration

LG Electronics, a global technology leader and a pioneer in Home Appliance convergence, has introduced the Multi Power System for air conditioning systems. This world-first technology, which combines multiple compressors in a single air conditioning system, reduces the energy consumption of the air conditioning system by a maximum of 70 percent compared to conventional air conditioners with one compressor.

It also reduces the noise and vibration of air conditioners. By adopting multiple small-capacity compressors, the system runs more quietly than air conditioners with one large compressor even when both compressors are operating. Its optimized piping design and low noise fans in the Multi Power System also help minimize noise and vibration.

With LG's Multi Power System, the air conditioning system intelligently gauges the room's cooling or heating load and decides whether to use one or two compressors to achieve the desired temperature. When the cooling load is low or the room is close to the desired temperature, the LG Multi Power System uses only one of the two compressors. When the cooling load is high, both compressors work to quickly attain the desired temperature. This efficient use of operating compressors enables the air conditioning system to run with a minimum amount of power.

The introduction of the LG Multi Power System creates greater value when combined with the company's multi-split system. This method of air conditioning maintains multiple indoor units that can be connected to a single outdoor unit. With the multi-split system incorporated in the Multi Power System, the air conditioning system brings the temperature of different rooms to the desired level more efficiently. Beyond saving energy, these converged technological breakthroughs also shorten cooling and heating time by up to 138 percent and offer the world's widest operating range with temperatures ranging from -10ºC to 46ºC (14ºF to 115ºF) for cooling and from 15ºC to 15ºC (5ºF to 59ºF) for heating.

NHO Hwan Yong, Executive Vice President of LG Electronics said: "The Multi Power System is a clear example of LG's innovative approach to developing new technologies which is only made possible by tearing down the elements of the conventional and redesigning them. Backed with such technological leadership, LG has retained its leading global position in air conditioners in terms of market share for five consecutive years since 2000. We constantly seek new and extraordinary ways of benefiting our consumers through technological innovation."

LG developed both variable and inverter models of this next-generation system for air conditioners. It adapted a DC inverter scroll compressor working with constant speed compressors. MPS Tropical - a technology developed especially for tropical environments - has a working range up to 54ºC (129ºF). The mechanisms and parts of this system, such as the oil distribution method and control algorithm, now account for more than 40 patents both domestically and internationally.