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LG's Text in the City Contest Explores Growing Trend of Phone Flirting

LG's Text in the City Contest Explores Growing Trend of Phone Flirting

SAN DIEGO (December 16, 2003) -- LG Mobile Phones announced winners from its coast to coast search for the biggest phone flirts today, marking the finale of its LG Text in the City contest that captured best one liners sent via text messaging. The contest explored the emerging trend of phone flirting and how the tech savvy use design features of their mobile phones to get people's attention.

The contest, held on, invited America to vote for the biggest phone flirts. On the East coast, the winning lines showed holiday spirit and a classic New York flavor. On the West coast, winning entries revealed a romantic and humorous approach to flirtation.

Winner Jennifer Cohn, 24, of Manhattan, loves to use her phone to flirt. "Can I snap your picture so I can show Santa what I gotta have for xmas?" struck a chord with voters, earning her the title biggest phone flirt. She said, "walking up to someone in a bar and laying a line on them isn't new. Text messaging is a more fun and unique way to get noticed."

"Are you a cop, cause you're definitely one of New York's finest?" caught the attention of voters. New York's "king" of phone flirting Darwin Ocampo, 30 of Queens, NY, admits he didn't come up with this line. But, when he heard it used, he always wanted to try it out himself. He said he phone flirts with his wife and between them they've shared more than 1,000 text messages.

Southern Californian John Corpus, 33, says the trick to phone flirting is to "just go with it". His winning message, "If I were to lie 11 roses next to you, you'd make the perfect dozen," conveyed a romantic flair.

Finally, "Do you believe in casual TEXT?" is the line of Californian Erica Reyes, 24, who says that she doesn't just take hints -- she likes to give them. "My friends and I have fun trying out new flirty text messages while we're out and it's also an easy way to stay in touch with my boyfriend."

These witty phone flirts have won a free LG VX6000 camera phone with one year of service and a celebrity makeover with stylist to the stars Rebecca Weinberg, who will help them perfect their sexy-in-the-city look so they can text message their flirty remarks around town on a special VIP night courtesy of LG.

"Today's mobile phones are loaded with features which make them a great accessory and a fun part of everyday life," said Weinberg, known for her trend-setting fashion flair and role as former stylist on HBO's Sex & the City. "The great thing about phone flirting is that you can enjoy it whether you are single or part of a couple. If you're single, it can be a great way to get noticed and if you are paired off it's a fun way to keep things romantic. LG is about encouraging self expression and to me text messaging is a great way to express your personal style. "
The trend of phone flirting has limitless possibilities. "People realize they can use mobile phone technology to do so much more than just make a phone call," said Melissa Elkins, spokesperson for LG Mobile Phones. "With our phones, we offer multi-media messaging service (MMS) or enhanced messaging service (EMS) so you can not only flirt with a text message but also attach a soundbite, photo or downloadable image. Part of the magic of phone flirting is to use all your phones features to get your point across!"

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