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Press Release


LG Washing Machines Incorporate World-First Steam Technology

LG Steam Washing Machine (TROMM) improves washing performance by 21%

LG Steam Washing Machine (TROMM) improves washing performance by 21%
while significantly reducing energy and water usage

Seoul, June 16, 2005 - LG Electronics (LG), a pioneer and leader in Home Appliance convergence, has unveiled its newest invention, the LG Steam Washing Machine.
The unit incorporates innovative steam technology in the washing process for the first time in the world and will be available on XXXXXX (insert local launch date).
To be done by local LG.

After two years of development, for the first time LG has successfully incorporated the eco-friendly steam technology used to clean clothes with less water and energy, while preventing shrinkage and extending the life cycle of the garment. The newest offering also features the Refresh Course process, which allows consumers to deal with wrinkles without ironing.

The LG Steam Washing Machine features the dual spray system, which sprays steam on the laundry for 40 minutes to improve washing performance and help rid it of harmful germs.
According to tests conducted by accredited testing, inspection & research institute, LG's newest offering improves washing performance by 21%* over the company's conventional drum washing machines.

Whereas traditional high heat washing processes waste energy in heating up the water and the chamber, the LG Steam Washing Machine utilizes steam for the same result with just half the energy. It also reduces water usage by 44%. Further, the unit utilizes steam technology to clean its interior. Compared to traditional drum washing processes, the technology reduces the time needed dramatically.

LG acquired 66 international patents from such countries as USA, China, and Europe and 152 patents in Korea with the steam technology.

The high-end drum type washing machines are also equipped with power line communication modems and LED Display mounted remote monitoring panels are placed in the living room
or elsewhere within the home to allow users to monitor the laundry from afar. The remote controls provide such functions as starting/pausing and selection of different options on the washing machine.

The LG Steam Washing Machine has also been given a face-lift. As part of the effort to pioneer the stylistic evolution of electronic appliances and satisfy changing consumer demand, the company is adding various colors to traditionally white home appliance products. The LG Steam Washing Machine comes in different colors including pink, blue and black and consumers can choose from among a variety of colored panels.

The LG Washing Machine has already won international acclaim. The U.S. publication Consumers Digest Magazine gave LG's drum type washing machines the Best Buy rating in the premium washer/dryer product group in its June edition. The magazine gave the units high marks for eco-friendliness and efficiency as well as for their diverse features.

"LG is committed to delivering a wide variety of premium, high-quality and high performance home appliances. And the LG Steam Washing Machine is just one example of that dedication to innovation and to the communities and industries in which we serve and lead," said David Park, the Head of Overseas Sales & Marketing of LG Electronics' Digital Appliance Company. As a home appliance maker, we focus on improving peoples' lives with convenient products. We believe this newest offering will have a huge impact on consumers' daily lives as well as on the environment."