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NEW YORK, July 31, 2008 - Led by mobile phones with innovative touch-screen, Bluetooth, music and photo capabililities, LG Electronics highlighted its latest stylish mobile communications, consumer electronics and digital appliance products at the company's 2008 holiday preview.

NEW YORK, July 31, 2008 - Led by mobile phones with innovative touch-screen, Bluetooth, music and photo capabililities, LG Electronics highlighted its latest stylish mobile communications, consumer electronics and digital appliance products at the company's 2008 holiday preview.
During its annual Summer Line Show - at New York's Morgan Library & Museum, a location famous for housing one of the world's greatest collections of artistic works - LG Electronics is showcasing its latest works in "An Exhibition of smART Technology."
LG's in-depth consumer research drives decisions on which features and styles to bring to market. The broad range of devices - working with nearly every major U.S. carrier - offers a wide mix of features and form factors, appealing to the novice through the most advanced user. Mobile phones and Bluetooth accessories featured at the event include:
� LG Dare": The LG Dare offers a large 3-inch touch screen that recognizes handwriting and provides tactile feedback. Tucked inside this V CAST-capable phone is a 3.2 mega pixel camera/camcorder with flash and Schneider-Kreuznach certified lens for outstanding image quality, and advanced features like face detection. The photo editing tool lets customers turn their photos into personal masterpieces with options that include borders, landscape and a fun doodle feature right on the screen. Customized photos can be uploaded to a social networking site directly from the phone.
□ LG Decoy": This slider phone is the world's first phone to feature a discreet Bluetooth� hands-free headset integrated into the design. It also sports a five-way directional joystick for easy navigating through all of Verizon Wireless' multimedia features.
□ LG Chocolate" 3: The new LG Chocolate 3 trades in its slider form factor for a slim flip style that brings with it the quintessential music player along with control wheel on the outside front, Bluetooth capabilities� and an FM transmitter to play music through a car stereo.
□ Vu" by LG: This device boasts crystal clear TV, Web, pictures and videos on a large, intuitive touch screen coupled with the utmost in mobile entertainment with a music player, 2.0 mega pixel camera, video share and Bluetooth� capabilities.
□ enV2 by LG: LG's best-selling messaging device with full keyboard is now the smallest and most stylish ever, with all of the advantages of the previous enV and with larger internal display and large-sized external keys.
□ LX400: This attractive clamshell phone offers one-to-one, push-to-talk communication available nationwide.
□ LG Voyager": The first handset with an interactive touch screen and full QWERTY keyboard also provides access to V CAST Mobile TV and full HTML Internet browsing.
□ LG Venus": This sophisticated and stunning slider-style phone features dual screens with interactive touch navigation, a music player, a 2.0 mega pixel camera/camcorder, and a microSD memory port for extra storage.
□ LG Shine": Within the elegant stainless steel body, the LG Shine packs in a music player, a 2.0 megapixel camera, video share and Bluetooth� capabilities, plus a full array of messaging options. When idle, the LG Shine" has a unique, reflective mirror finish, but once it is active, the screen comes alive and is viewable from all angles.
□ Rumor" by LG : Equipped with the latest Bluetooth� technology, a full-duplex speakerphone, Instant Messaging, Mobile Email, camera and Multimedia Messaging; Rumor's lines of communication are always open.
□ Glimmer" by LG: This easy-open, durable slider offers hands-free talk via Bluetooth� and you can enjoy background music while taking a picture or recording a video.
□ Bluetooth Car-Kit Speakerphone, HFB-500: With a solar-panel backing, LG's new HFB-500 eliminates the need for a traditional electrical power source. Whether attached to the car windshield or taken outdoors, it can be used as a speakerphone or a mobile charger. A hands-free device, the HFB-500 provides up to 16 hours of talk time, and up to 1,100 hours of standby time. The device can be solar charged (24mAh/hour), with 30 minutes of talk time, for every 3 hours of sunlight.
□ Bluetooth Mono Headset, HBM-310: For those interested in a more modern and sleek design, the HBM-310 is the perfect headpiece. This stylish accessory permits up to six hours of talk time, and up to 150 hours of standby time. Its e-Clip" movable ear-bud allows users to adjust for a more ergonomic and comfortable fit.
□ Bluetooth Mono Headset, HBM-520: Scheduled for release in October 2008, the HBM-520 offers an affordable dual mic, which provides noise shield. This Bluetooth version 2.1 headset is equipped with the e-Clip" movable ear bud for an ergonomic and comfortable fit, and has a talk time of up to six hours and up to 200 hours of standby time.
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