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1080p HDTVs ISFccc Calibration Ready;

1080p HDTVs ISFccc Calibration Ready;
PG60 Series Receives THX Display Certification
LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2008 - From HDTV novices to home theater gurus, LG Electronics offers consumers the ability to optimize and calibrate high-definition picture quality for any environment.
LG offers options for consumers seeking varying degrees of involvement in the configuration process. From an automatic adjustment in LCD HDTVs with LG's Intelligent Sensor, to the professional-grade Image Science Foundation customized calibration configuration (ISFccc), consumers can choose the best picture quality to suit individual needs.
Equally significant, picture performance on LG's award-winning PG60 series plasma HDTVs received THX� Display Certification from cinema, film and consumer electronics industry pioneer THX Ltd.
"From self to professional calibration, our HDTVs can be optimized to meet specific ambient lighting conditions, content type and individual viewing preferences," said Allan Jason, vice president of consumer electronics marketing at LG Electronics USA, Inc. "With LG HDTV calibration options, every consumer has the ability to make a great HDTV even better."
Calibration Modes Maximize Flexibility
LG offers the following options for picture adjustments:
" LG LCD HDTVs include Intelligent Sensor, a simple feature that automatically adjusts the picture based on the room lighting conditions. It senses brightness and color characteristics of the light, and adjusts several picture settings. The resulting picture is better suited to the room lighting for an optimized viewing experience. This feature can also save energy since backlighting is lowered in a dark environment.
" For consumers seeking a simple calibration option, content specific A/V Modes enable everyone, including the HDTV beginner, to adjust the picture and audio quality to an optimal setting. Three pre-set modes, cinema, game and sports, customize the picture (and sound) based on content type. For example, the cinema mode automatically adjusts colors to D65 standard (SMPTE standard for movie color). Sports and game modes perform similar adjustments to maximize enjoyment.
" A more experienced HDTV consumer can use LG's Expert Mode to perform detailed calibrations. Users have the ability to make adjustments in an intuitive menu system, changing the specific values allowing for a deeper level of picture adjustment.
" Those seeking the highest level of calibration will appreciate LG's ISFccc option on all 1080p LCD and plasma HDTVs. The professional ISF calibration helps to deliver picture quality representing what filmmakers intended viewers to see. Using the LG Expert Mode, an ISF-certified calibration technician will use professional equipment to calibrate the HDTV using ISF parameters based upon individual home theater environments and ambient lighting. Once calibrated to the optimal setting, the calibrations are saved as ISF "Day" and ISF "Night" modes. With ISFccc, LG offers a superior 10 point calibration. This provides an extra level of precision for gray scale calibration resulting in a more uniform picture.
"LG's ISFccc features are engineered to deliver the whole HDTV picture, the right HDTV picture, and nothing but the HDTV picture," said Joel Silver, president and founder of ISF. "LG's 10 point calibration capability brings advanced features and great values together."
LG's PG60 Series THX Display Certified
LG Electronics achieved THX Display Certification for plasma HDTVs (models 60PG60 and 50PG60). As the industry benchmark in video image quality, THX Display Certification promotes an HDTV that can present HD and standard- definition video content at maximum resolution with the correct color and light levels. THX Movie Mode will be offered as the "Cinema" mode on the PG60 models.
"With the PG60 series, LG is delivering the perfect blend of style, sophistication and visual performance in a plasma display," said Pat Dunn, director of display technology at THX. "The addition of THX video certification differentiates the PG60 series and sends a clear message about quality to potential HDTV buyers. We are confident that the PG60 series will more than satisfy the needs of entertainment enthusiasts who are looking to bring a true cinematic experience home."
THX leverages knowledge and expertise in filmmaking, cinema design and post-production to partner with display manufacturers to certify best-in-class video products. THX Display Certification solidifies that LG's plasma line (PG60) is designed for consumers who demand peak performance from their entertainment systems and delivers exceptional image quality, bringing more immersive entertainment experiences to the living room.
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