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Products Blend Performance, Style and Functionality Supporting Consumers' Demand for an Enhanced Home Theater Experience

Products Blend Performance, Style and Functionality Supporting Consumers' Demand for an Enhanced Home Theater Experience
LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2007 - Led by the introduction of the Super Multi Blue Player, the world's first dual-format high-definition disc player, LG Electronics continues to meet the growing demands of home theater enthusiasts with its latest lineup of digital audio-video innovations at the 2007 International CES� (Booth #8214, Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center).
With "integration" and "connectivity" as watchwords for LG Electronics' 2007 digital audio-video products, LG's new line incorporates connectivity with portable digital devices through Made for iPod� and USB Media Host technologies, LG "Simple Link" (for simple connectivity and control when used with compatible LG televisions) and DVD recorders with built-in digital television tuners.
The first next-generation video device to play both high-definition disc formats, LG's Super Multi Blue Player (BH100) is a dual-format high-definition disc player blending the latest technologies and offering unprecedented flexibility for consumers seeking to play both Blu-ray and HD DVD content. With "format wars" between HD DVD and Blu-ray, consumers will not have to choose with this dual format player. The Super Multi Blue Player is ideally suited to LG's expanded lineup of Full HD 1080p plasma and LCD HDTVs, delivering best video possible at the highest display resolution format. (See separate news release.)
LG Electronics is introducing a range of DVD players and recorders including a Super Multi DVD Recorder and VCR combination (RC797T), which includes a digital/analog tuner, Simple Link connectivity, support for recording to all blank DVD disc formats, a digital cable/satellite set-top box controller and USB Media Host, among other features.
Super Multi DVD Recorders
LG's RC797T Digital Tuner Super Multi DVD Recorder & VCR is a convenient combination unit incorporating an ATSC/NTSC/Clear QAM tuner which utilizes LG's powerful fifth-generation "VSB" technology. The Super Multi DVD recorder and VCR gives consumers the power to record a wide variety of sources onto any of the major blank DVD disc formats available in the market. The RC797T addresses the digital TV transition that is well underway in the U.S. by providing both digital and analog tuning, as well as output connections suitable for both standard-definition and high-definition TVs. LG's Digital Tuner Super Multi DVD Recorder (model number DR787T), offering an identical feature set without the integrated Video Cassette Recorder (VCR), completes the new digital tuner recorder lineup.
Other Super Multi Recorders being introduced include two models featuring line-in and DV (1394) recording designed for capturing TV programming from digital cable and satellite set-top boxes or for saving home videos from digital camcorders via a DV (1394) input. The Super Multi DVD Recorder (DR700N) and Super Multi DVD Recorder & VCR (RC700N) both offer an integrated digital cable and satellite set-top box controller for convenient scheduled television recording with the most popular digital set-top boxes.
To enhance ease-of-use, all LG Super Multi recorders incorporate LG's "Simple Link" technology, which allows users to control similarly equipped LG TV and AV products via convenient on-screen menus or directly from the product itself. The units are connected with a standard HDMI cable, and use the HDMI-CEC standard for direct control of equipped LG products. The Super Multi Recorders can record to all major blank video disc types, making the task of selecting the right blank media an easy one.
Further addressing the digital convergence trend, the digital tuner DVD recorders incorporate a USB Media Host port that can play MP3, WMA or JPEG music and photo files. And all the DVD/VCR recorder combos incorporate one-touch dubbing between DVD and VHS, allowing for an easy-to-use recording process for non copy-protected content between the two mediums.
Portable DVD Players
LG announced two new Portable DVD Players, DP781 and DP771, with unique designs that incorporate a black high gloss finish and a swivel / fold-flat screen for increased flexibility. Both units feature touch panel and backlit controls for simple and sophisticated accents. Enthusiasts can share the experience with two headphone jacks, so more than one user can listen at the same time. Additionally, the units incorporate video and audio outputs for connecting to TVs while on-the-go, as well as a USB Media Host function that can play MP3, WMA or JPEG music and photo files.
DVD Players
Two new DVD players, a 1080i Up Conversion DVD Player (DN788) and a 1080p Up Conversion DVD Player (DN798), provide superior image quality from standard-definition DVDs with up to 1080p or 1080i resolution up-conversion via HDMI output. Both players also feature USB Media Host technology for enjoyment of JPEG slide shows and MP3 or WMA music files directly from a digital audio player or USB storage device.
For enthusiasts seeking the ultimate digital audio experience at home and the best design to show it off, LG's 2007 home audio systems lineup features a wide array of home theater audio solutions, including the next-generation Flat Speaker Home Theater System (LHT799) and a Stylish 2.1 Channel DVD Home Theater System (LFD790). Most 2007 LG home theater systems feature "Made for iPod" technology, providing direct connection, charging and control of iPods.
Home Theater Systems
The Flat Speaker Home Theater System's (LHT799) piano black finish and flat panel speakers provide a rich and luxurious design that compliments any flat panel HDTV.
Each of the two front floor-standing flat speakers incorporate a down firing woofer for enhanced bass performance and with the main receiver's "Virtual Sound Matrix" digital signal processing technology. The unit generates a powerful multi-channel surround effect with "Immersive Sound Experience" technology, realizing a more natural sound quality - a virtual 10.1 channel sound from a 5.1 channel source. The unit gives users more control and convenience from their home theater by incorporating LG's Simple Link technology. The LHT799 also incorporates USB Media Plus technology, a USB port that allows for the playback of digital music, photos or videos directly from other digital devices, such as a digital camera, MP3 player or USB memory device.
In addition to its digital AM/FM radio tuner, it is also XM Radio-ready, providing access to over 160 channels of satellite radio entertainment with the addition of an XM Radio antenna and service subscription. The system also incorporates "Made for iPod" technology which is certified to meet Apple� performance standards so consumers can directly connect, charge and control their iPod, providing easy access to digital music, photo and video libraries.
Other home theater systems include the 5-Disc Home Theater System (LHT764) and a Single Disc Home Theater System (LHT754) that each combine a robust 1,000W of audio power along with a stylish design featuring easy-to-use backlit touch sensor controls.
All new LG 5.1 channel home theater systems feature "Made for iPod" and USB Media Plus connectivity for simple access to digital music, photos and video as well as the superior quality digital audio-video output with 1080i up-conversion via HDMI output and home theater control with LG's Simple Link technology.
Micro DVD Systems
Consumers looking to bring great quality sound to smaller TVs can bring the home theater experience to bedrooms, home offices, apartments and even dorm rooms need to look no further than LG's powerful and versatile Compact Home Theater System (LFD790) or to the convenient and feature-packed Micro Home Theater System (LFD750). While the compact LFD790 drives 400W of power to its two speakers and subwoofer the Micro LFD750 sends 160W of power to its two 3-way speakers with integrated side-firing woofers. Each product is powerful enough to deliver a rich audio performance to any home theater while also delivering highly accurate music reproduction.
In addition to playing DVDs, CDs and its built-in digital AM/FM tuner, both the LFD790 and LFD750 are capable of playing music, photos and video directly from the USB Media Plus port. The LFD750 Micro Home Theater's "Made for iPod" technology provides the convenience of being able to directly connect, charge and control an iPod for access to digital music, photo and video libraries.
Based in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., LG Electronics USA, Inc., (LGEUS) is the North American subsidiary of LG Electronics, Inc., a $43.4-billion global force in consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile communications. In the United States, LGEUS sells a wide range of digital display and digital media products, digital appliances and mobile phones under LG's "Life's Good" marketing theme. For more information, please visit
LG Electronics, Inc. (KSE: 06657.KS) is a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile communications, employing more than 72,000 people working in over 120 operations including 80 subsidiaries around the world. Comprising four business units -- Mobile Communications, Digital Appliance, Digital Display and Digital Media with 2005 global consolidated sales of US $43.4 billion -- LG Electronics is the world's largest producer of CDMA handsets, residential air conditioners, plasma panels, optical storage products, DVD players and home theater systems. For more information please visit
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