Real Sport with Real Colours
on Ultra Large Screens

Real Colours
Create a Real Stadium Feel

LG NanoCell technology produces realistic colour by applying nanoparticles
to enhance the purity of red and green colours. It delivers stunning visual immersion.
Experience real sport with Real colours on an ultra large screen.

Two men are cheering while watching a soccer game on Nanocell TV in the living room. Below that, the image quality is improved through NanoCell technology.

Real Colour Created by NanoCell

  1. Real Colours

Nanoparticles Filter colours

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  1. Below that, NanoCell technology is shown to improve image quality.

Real Colours
Maximise Your Immersion

Real Colours bring such a large-scale presence to your living room,
it's as if you're sitting in a stadium. Experience the overwhelming large screen
of LG NanoCell.

Nanocell TV is on the shelf. The players playing ceremonies are played.

Ultra Large Screen

It's Like Sitting
in a Real Stadium

With Ultra large screens spanning up to 86-inches,
NanoCell brings the stadium experience home.
See the detailed movements of players as
if they are right there in front of you.

*8K content currently limited and required for full resolution effect.

Nano Colour

Real Colours
at Wide Angles

Nano Accuracy displays improved colour accuracy
with less distortion, from a wide viewing angle,
on an 8K screen*. Watch your favourite teams
play in Real Colours on a ultra-large
screen with amazing picture quality

A Realistic Colour Experience

NanoCell delivers incredible picture quality with enhanced colour purity.
Nanoparticles are used as colour purifiers that refine red and green wavelengths
to reproduce vivid, accurate colours

Nanocell TV is mounted on the wall. The players preparing the soccer match.

Sports Alert

Never Miss a Shot

Sports Alert notifies you about key moments before,
during and after games for sports like the Premier League,
NBA and NFL. If these games are being broadcast on Free-to-Air TV
you'll never have to worry about missing the big plays from your
favourite teams, even when you're watching other content.

Sports Alert Supported Leagues

  1. Basketball


  2. Football


  3. Baseball


  4. Hockey


  5. Soccer

    Premier League,
    La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga,
    Ligue1, Brazil Serie A

*The supported sports and leagues may differ by country.

  1. Conventional
  2. LG NanoCell

*Motion Pro is included in NANO99, NANO95, NANO91, NANO86 models.

Motion Pro*

See Every Moment
in All Its Glory

See movement in detail. Motion blur should be avoided
when watching sports. Now, with the Motion Pro* feature,
watch movement with mininmal blur on your LG TV.

Ultra Large Screens

Find LG NanoCell for Real Sports

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Display Technology Real Colours by
NanoCell Technology
Real Colours by
NanoCell Technology
Real Colours by
NanoCell Technology
Real Colours by
NanoCell Technology
Real Colours by
NanoCell Technology
Picture Quality Wide Viewing Angle Wide Viewing Angle Wide Viewing Angle Wide Viewing Angle Wide Viewing Angle
Sports Alert O O O O O
Motion Pro O - O O -
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