LG TONE Free fit TF8

TONE Free fit earbuds being splashed by water and droplets.
A woman is sweating and working out with TONE Free fit earbuds.

Made to Move
Fit for Action

Make your move with a fit that's secure & comfortable

Focus on your movement, not on your earbuds. Only 5.9g*, LG TONE Free fit wireless earbuds hook into your outer ear for a secure fit that's comfortable with less pressure, too. The lightweight shape holds them in place while letting air flow through to keep your ears cool during workouts.

The Plug

*Based on LGE internal quality testing.

Swivel. Lock. Go

Softly swivel to hook the wireless earbuds into your outer ear. The unique shape sits comfortably and securely, as if it was made just for your ears. A simple motion locks the earbuds in to stay in from warmup to cooldown, even during intense workouts.

"In the video on the left, the earbuds are inserted into average, wide, and narrow ear shapes. The video on the right shows how air flows through the holes in the ear hook, for a pleasant, cooling feeling."

Immerse yourself in the music with Active Noise Cancelling

Focus on the music while riding your bike or at the gym. LG TONE Free fit's sophisticated noise removal filter accurately removes noise by adjusting the sample rate. And a howling detection algorithm helps eliminate the noise made when microphones and speakers are close together.

A single TONE Free fit earbud rotates horizontally, and a video is played through the earbuds expressing the silence of the noise.

Deconstructed view of the TONE Free fit earbuds, divided into 6 pieces.

1. Silicone Ear Gels

Clean and comfortable, with a fit that helps block noise.

2. 6mm Driver Unit

Delivers powerful high-quality sound.

3. Swivel Grip Technology

Unique ear hook shape to lock earbuds securely and comfortable inside your ear.

4. Proximity Sensor

Can detect whether the earbuds are in ear or not.

5. Long-lasting Battery

Holds 10 hours of power, with another 20 hours ready in the cradle.

Switch your listening mode with ease

With a simple touch (or press), you can adjust the Noise Cancelling mode and choose how to listen. Listening Mode keeps you aware of your environment by letting more of the background sound in your ears, so you can hear cars or other pedestrians. Conversation Mode amplifies people's voices, so that you can seamlessly talk with a friend during a run or on a bike, without taking out your earbuds.

A man wearing TONE Free fit earbuds is riding on a bicycle.

Listening Mode

Turn this on to keep aware of your
environment by letting more of the
background sound in your ears.
A man and woman running in a park wearing TONE Free fit.

Conversation Mode

Lets you hear other voices and
conversation more accurately even
with your wireless earbuds in place.

Clear and natural sound with Meridian

Enter a world of more dimensional sound with British audio icon Meridian. Each earbud is equipped with Headphone Spatial Processing (HSP) to make the audio seem like it's coming from all around you, for such clear and spatial sound you might even forget you're wearing wireless earbuds.

The TONE Free fit cradle is open, with the left earbud inside the cradle, and the right earbud outside. Meridian's logo is seen at the bottom of the image.

Freshen up your wireless earbuds with UVnano

The UVnano charging cradle keeps your wireless earbuds clean and ready for sports every time you charge. A built-in UV LED light reduces bacteria in just 10 minutes, from the whole gel ear tips to the mesh inside.

The TONE Free fit cradle's lid is opened and the right earbud is inside. The UVnano function is demonstrated by changing from red to blue as the bacteria disappears. The TUV and UVnano logos are shown at the bottom with the disclaimer.


*UVnano is a combination of UV LEDs & nanometer.
*Independent testing shows that the UVnano charging cradle reduces bacteria of the earbuds in ten minutes while charging. The UV LED function works only when charging. Results may vary depending on the actual usage environment.
*UV LED light is invisible and is only activated when the charging cradle is closed with the earbuds inside. The blue mood light is for aesthetic purposes only and appears when the charging cradle lid is opened.
*This product uses UV technology at wavelengths between 265 and 285 nanometers.

A close-up of the TONE Free fit earbud, with a blue grid on the eargel. Text says UVnano cleans thoroughly and 99.9% reduction in bacteria. A woman is sweating as she wears TONE Free fit, and it appears she just finished her workout.

Clean up your wireless earbuds after the gym by charging them in the UVnano cradle.

A TONE Free fit earbud seen from the side with the Small, Medium, and Large eargels shown.

Comfortable and hygienic ear gels

Silicone Ear Gels offer a secure and comfortable fit with hypoallergenic material that doesn't irritate your skin. Pick from three included sizes to suit your ears the best.1, 2

Waterproof keeps you playing through dust, sweat, and wetness

Rain or shine, your earbuds are protected from water damage and dust with the waterproof IP67 rating. They are sweatproof so you can keep them in during high-intensity training, making it easy to workout or go running without any worries.

TONE Free fit earbuds in front of text saying IP67. The earbuds are surrounded by water and water droplets. A woman with her hair tied up is shown on the left, wearing a TONE Free fit product, pouring water on her face, and a man's hand washing the TONE Free fit earbuds with water is shown on the right.

*IP67 rating is the combination of IP6X and IPX7. IP6X means dust tight for no ingress of dust and complete protection against contact.
IPX7 is protection against the effects of immersion in water, based on test conditions for submersion in up to 1 meters of water for up to 30 minutes. Not advised for beach or pool use.
*Charging cradle is not waterproof. Earbuds must be thoroughly dried prior to placing them into the charging cradle or they may be damaged. Hands must also be dried prior to handling the charging cradle.
*Despite HQ has already reviewed the legal issues, the regional situation may different, so please double check the legal issues for using the word “washable” (included as an image copy).

One charge for long lasting battery life

Enjoy more play time on a single charge. The wireless earbuds give you 10 hours of tunes on a full charge and the cradle holds another 20 hours of power, for 30 hours total.3 When you need a boost, place the earbuds inside for fast charging and get an extra hour of playing power in just 5 minutes.

A man wearing the TONE Free fit and looking at his smartphone. The sky is dark as he just finished his evening workout. A woman wearing TONE Free fit earbuds is catching her breath in sunny weather.

*Battery life depends on device settings, environment, usage, and many other factors.
*Based on LGE internal quality testing, the earbud batteries and cradle battery last for 10 and 20 hours respectively when Active Noise Cancellation function is turned off.

Plug in to move wirelessly

On the treadmill. In the airplane. Now, you can enjoy the entertainment system with your wireless earbuds. Just plug in the charging case and use it as a transmitter for the sound you love.4, 5, 6

TONE Free fit is connected with a Plug

TONE Free fit earbuds rotate 360 degrees and show the 3MIC system.

Advanced call quality with reduced noise and echo

Built-in, high-performance microphones maximize your call quality. The Sub Beamforming & Outer ANC Mic detects external noise. The Inner ANC Mic cancels out unwanted noise when you turn on the Noise Cancelling function. And the Main Beamforming Mic picks up and amplifies your vocals even in a crowded space.
The LG TONE Free app screen linked to the TONE Free fit product is displayed on the mobile phone, and there are Apple App Store and Google Play Store icons to the right.

Easy control through the TONE Free app

Settings and control are at your fingertips with the LG TONE Free app. Control Active Noise Cancelling as well as EQ customization, and see battery life on easy-to-use widgets. You can also easily switch between two paired devices with a tap.

Easy Pairing to connect your earbuds

Connecting to your Android device or PC is simple. Put your TONE Free fit into pairing mode and a Google Fast Pair pop-up will immediately appear to guide you. To use with a Windows PC, Microsoft Swift Pair's connection window takes you through the process.

A video with TONE Free fit placed in the center, a Windows PC on the left, and an Android device on the right. When the TONE Free fit cradle lid opens, each device is paired and a connection pop-up appears.

*If the connection pop-up does not appear, touch the right earbud for 10 seconds while both earbuds are in the cradle. The cradle will blink blue and the connection will be initiated.
*Only supported on Android devices.
*Location and Bluetooth functions must be activated to operate.
*Google Fast Pair is only supported on Android devices.
*MS Swift Pair is only supported by Windows 10 ver 1803 or higher.
*Before Google authentication, you can activate and use the device's Debug mode.
*No separate distance adjustment option.

The lid of the TONE Free fit cradle opens to reveal the earbuds floating in the air with a smartphone and laptop to the side. The smartphone has the Multi Point and Multi Pairing menu onscreen.

Quick & easy Multi Pairing moves your device connection

Multi Point lets you pair your wireless earbuds with up to 5 devices through the LG TONE Free app for seamless connection. Now when you want to switch to a device, you don't need to manually reconnect. And when you want a more automatic switching process, Multi Pairing lets you connect with two devices simultaneously.
Two speech bubbles. One shows Siri saying "It's currently sunny." The other shows Google Assistant saying "It's 11AM. Time to go for a run." Made for iPhone and Get it on Google Play icons are seen in the lower left corner.

Talk to your devices through your earbuds

Use your voice to summon Google Assistant or Siri without touching your phone. You can control your device, like changing the volume on your music, or search for information, like the day's forecast, all hands-free.

1.This device or any of its parts is not intended or implied to prevent or treat any health conditions; it is not a medical device, nor for use as or to replace a medical device.
2.The base material in silicone ear gel meets ISO 10993 and USP Class VI requirements.
3.The earbud batteries and cradle battery last for 10 and 14 hours respectively when Active Noise Cancellation function is turned off.
4.Plug & Wireless can't be used with some game consoles, and compatibility varies by device.
5.Plug & Wireless compatibility varies by device. Microphone function is not supported in Plug & Wireless mode.
6.Product will come with either a white or black AUX cable.
7. Read the label before using.
*Prices, promotions and availability may vary by store and online. Prices subject to change without notice. Quantities are limited. Check with your local retailers for final price and availability.
*Available colours and features may vary by retailer, country or carrier.
*Actual colour and dimension may differ from the screen image.
*Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

LG TONE Free Lineup

Table Caption
Features T90 FP9 TF8 FP8
It shows TONE Free line up table with list of each features.
LG TONE Free T90
It shows TONE Free line up table with list of each features.
It shows TONE Free line up table with list of each features.
LG TONE Free fit TF8
It shows TONE Free line up table with list of each features.
Dolby Atmos O X X X
3D Sound Stage O O O O
Sound Unit Dynamic 11Φ with Graphene Material Dynamic 8Φ Dynamic 6Φ Dynamic 8Φ
Active Noise Cancelling Adaptive ANC Enhanced ANC Hybrid ANC Enhanced ANC
MIC System 3MICs with VPU (Voice Pick-up Unit) 3MIC* 3MICs 3MIC*
Convenience Whispering Mode / Ambient Mode / Chat Mode Whispering Mode / Ambient Mode / Chat Mode Ambient Mode / Chat Mode Whispering Mode / Ambient Mode / Chat Mode
UVnano O O O O
Medical Grade Ear Gels (3size) O O O O
Plug & Wireless O (AUX/USB A/USB C) O O(3.5mm AUX) X
Google Fast Pair MS Swift Pair O O O O
Multi Point & Multi Pairing O O O O
Google Siri TV Control O O O O
Waterproof IPX4 Water Resistant IPX4 IP67 Water & Dust Proof IPX4
Battery Life (ANC off) 9 Hr / 20 Hr Up to 24hrs(Earbuds 10hrs / with charging case 24hrs) 10 Hr / 20 Hr Up to 24hrs(Earbuds 10hrs / with charging case 24hrs)
Charging Fast Charging / Wireless Charging Fast Charging Fast Charging Fast Charging / Wireless Charging
Compatibility Android / iOS Android / iOS Android / iOS Android / iOS
Color Charcoal Black / Snow White Charcoal Black / Pearl White / Haze Gold Black Lime Charcoal Black / Pearl White / Haze Gold
Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More

Key Specs

  • 3D Sound Stage


  • ANC


  • Unit Size (Φ)

  • Meridian Sound Effect


  • Plug&Wireless


  • Uvnano


  • Water/Splashproof


All specs


  • Charging Cable


  • AUX (3.5Φ) to USB Cable


  • Ear hook


  • Medical Silicon Eargels



  • Unit Size (Φ)

  • Unit Type



  • Charging Case Net Weight

    43 g

  • Product Net Weight

    5.9 g


  • BLE


  • Bluetooth Version


  • Google Fast Pair Service



  • Customized EQ


  • 3D Sound Stage


  • LG EQ


  • Meridian EQ (Natural, Immersive)


  • Meridian Sound Effect



  • Ambient Mode


  • ANC


  • # of Mic


  • Talk Thru



  • AAC


  • SBC



  • Battery Life (Earbuds, ANC off)


  • Battery Life (Earbuds+Charging Case, ANC off)



  • Charging Time (Earbuds)


  • Charging Time (Earbuds+Charging Case)



  • Fast Charging


  • Multipoint


  • Multi Paring


  • Plug&Wireless


  • Swift Pair


  • Uvnano


  • Voice command (Google assistant, Siri)


  • Water/Splashproof



  • Charging Case

    65.8 x 51.9 x 32.7 mm

  • Earbud

    24.8 x 23.5 x 26.7 mm

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TONE Free fit earbuds being splashed by water and droplets.


LG TONE Free fit TF8