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LG Electronics Over the Years


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How has LG Electronics shaped the lives of millions of consumers over the years?


Since 1958, the brand you now know as LG Electronics has transformed the way people across the globe experience their daily routines. After more than six decades of historic growth and expansion , this renowned company has changed countless lives over the years.

Let’s take a trip through time to learn more about the technology, development and modernisation that has made LG one of the biggest names in the world.


LG Drives Electronics Innovation Over the Years

Comfort, convenience and design stand strong as the pillars of LG’s newest product offerings—and luxury is more accessible than ever. By helping the “smart home” become an attainable reality for families and individuals, LG continues to be a superior contender in the consumer electronics sphere.




The company that introduced many of Korea’s first household electronics has grown to become one of the best in the industry, whilst making daily life easier and more exciting year after year. From award-winning laptops to groundbreaking display technology and beyond, LG tops the charts when it comes to the  performance, innovation and aesthetic appeal of our products. 

LG Electronics Introduces Futuristic Technology

Ingenuity and originality are two words that could describe any of the LG items that became lifestyle staples in the noughties. Striking household, energy and entertainment products showed consumers that the future could live and thrive in every corner of the home.


LG Electronics effortlessly maintained global attention by influencing future technology trends with never-before-seen products —such as the world’s first refrigerator with internet access and the first 60-inch PLASMA TV. As one of the most innovative brands around, it’s no surprise that LG earned the title of “World’s Best IT Company” in 2004.


Goldstar Becomes LG Electronics

In the ‘80s, the development of consumer technology skyrocketed as more and more people wanted to get their hands on the “next big thing”. Domestically, Goldstar was one of the first to bring a variety of different products to Korean homes, including the colour video camera and domestic mini computer.


But Goldstar also became a household name for international consumers in this era. To keep up with global demand, Goldstar expanded into the U.S. by building a colour television factory in 1982. Following the brand’s transformation in 1995, LG continued to produce some of the thinnest, smallest and most spectacular electronics in the world.

The Golden Years: Korea’s Best Consumer Products

Founded in 1958, Goldstar Co., Ltd —the predecessor to LG Electronics—was a pioneer in technology throughout the ‘60s . Goldstar’s popularity took off inside and outside of the home as they introduced many of Korea’s first consumer products, including automatic telephones, fans, transistor radios and even televisions. In fact, the trailblazing company produced more than 1 million TVs for the first time in the mid-1970s.


And during this time, Goldstar became the first Korean electronics manufacturer to establish a presence overseas as a supplier for multiple U.S. retailers—including Sears and J. C. Penney. From that point on, Goldstar would continue to gain traction toward becoming the industry leader you’re familiar with today.


Whether you know LG Electronics as the name behind some of the most impressive washing machines, refrigerators, vacuums, computers or TVs on the market—we are one brand that has left an impact on households and hearts over the years.


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