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  • Large Capacity
  • Inverter Direct Drive™
  • Multi Heat Treatment
  • Premium Powder Coating
  • Atomizing & Twin Spray
  • Auto Dosing System
5.2 cu.ft Large Capacity Frontload Washer
Inverter Direct Drive™

Excellent Durability & Reliability

The Inverter Direct Drive™ drums on LG Commercial Laundry machines are directly attached to the motor, making it durable and reliable for years to come. Thanks to a fewer number of parts, these machines also need fewer repairs.
*Product life may vary depending on user patterns & other factors.
Multi Heat Treatment

Fewer Replacements & Repair Expenses

Multi Heat Treatment improves durability and resists against gradual abrasion. LG washing machines enjoy extended operating life and less repairs, helping your business save costs.
*Performance may vary depending on user patterns & other factors.
Premium Powder Coating

Resistance to Contamination & Rust

Premium Powder Coating provides the same durability as car paint, which does not rust easily and extends product lifetime. The coating also helps resist scratches and contamination that frequently occur in communal washing machines.
*Load capacity may vary depending on product model and region.
Large Capacity

Do a Whole Lot at Once

Customers favor the large capacity of LG Commercial Laundry machines because they can finish their laundry in one load. Bigger capacity means more customer rotations for your business.
*Noise levels may vary based on machine settings & other factors.
Gyro Balancing System

Low Noise and Less Vibration

The noise and vibration emitted by LG Commercial Laundry machines are low enough for people to focus on other tasks while they wait. Create a pleasant environment that can meet the needs of various customers.
*The depicted image is intended for promotional purposes only.
Atomizing & Twin Spray

Save Time and Keep Up with Your Busy Schedule

Twin Spray rinses your clothes non-stop while spinning, resulting in a speedier wash and higher customer rotation rate. Atomizing Spray also sprays water on the door, so you don't have to clean excess suds off the door glass.
10° Tilted Drum

High Performance with Less Water Consumption

The specially-engineered 10° slope drum enables washing machine to use less water because it more puts the laundry into the water without sacrificing superior washing performance. Don't compromise washing result to save your cost.
*Cleanliness may vary based on tub clean cycles & cleaning agents.
Tub Cleaning System

Cleaner Tubs for Cleaner Laundry

Dirty tubs that are used for long periods of time can affect laundry performance. The Tub Cleaning System keeps the tub hygienic and clean* for the many people who use the washing machine.
*Dosing performance may vary depending on the pump specs.
Auto Dosing System

Easy Detergent Management

The Auto Dosing System supplies uniform amounts of detergent, bleach, and softener for every cycle.
Smarter Convenience

A Smarter Washing Machine

Quickly check the laundry status, monitor the usage patterns, and product errors through LG Smart Solution anytime and anywhere. Easily interact with it and operate remotely while enjoying the latest innovations.
*Wireless internet connection may be required for this function.


    • Drum Volume - cu.ft (l)
    • 5.2 (147)
    • Diameter - in. (mm)
    • 24 (610.8)
    • Depth - in. (mm)
    • 20.4 (518.1)


    • Product (WxHxD) - in
    • 29 x 40.8 x 32
    • Product (WxHxD) - mm
    • 737 x 1,036 x 814
    • With Door Open - in. (mm)
    • 53 (1,370)
    • Carton (WxHxD) - in
    • 31 x 44.3 x 33.3
    • Carton (WxHxD) - mm
    • 788 x 1,125 x 846
    • Weight (Product/Carton) - lb (kg)
    • 221.8 (100.6)/248 (112.5)


    • Wash - RPM
    • 46
    • Extract (High Speed) - Max RPM
    • 980
    • G-force - G
    • 327


    • Electric Ratings - V/Hz/A
    • 120/60/5, 220~240/50/5, 220/60/5


    • Water - gal (l)
    • 17.7 (67.0)
    • Electricity - kWh/cycle
    • 0.084


    • Noise Level (Sound Power) - dB
    • Lower than 62
    • Program Duration in Minutes (Default) - min
    • 37


    • Inverter Direct Drive Motor
    • Yes
    • Heating Element - W
    • 120V 1,000 (Only for Tub Clean), 220V 2,000 (Only for Tub Clean)
    • Drain System
    • Gravity Drain/Pump Drain* (NA Only)
    • Emergency Stop Button
    • Yes (OPL Only)
    • Inlet Valve
    • AC
    • Auto Dosing Interface
    • Yes
    • Damper
    • 4 Friction Dampers


    • Program List
    • Hot, Warm, Cold, Delicates, Add Super Wash (Card & Coin)/20 Custom PGM (OPL)


    • Drum
    • Stainless Steel


    • PCB Fuse - Main Control Board - amps
    • 12 (220~240 V)
    • PCB Fuse- Filter Assembly - amps
    • 15
    • Main PCB MICOM
    • T370

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