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Energy-Efficient Products

LG Electronics commitment to customer-oriented environmentally-friendly innovation has resulted in a full range of more energy-efficient products and services, from consumer electronics to appliances. Choosing LG ENERGY STAR® qualified products can cut household utility bills while reducing impacts on the environment. Below are just a few examples of LG’s energy efficient product features.


In many homes, the refrigerator is among the top three most expensive appliances to operate. Replacing an old refrigerator with a new ENERGY STAR qualified model will provide substantial savings — over $100 a year if your older refrigerator was made in the 1980s.

LG has worked hard to achieve the ENERGY STAR program requirements for many of its kitchen appliances, such as dishwashers and refrigerators. The result is that the majority of LG refrigerator models are ENERGY STAR qualified.

Linear Compressor

In 2010, LG evaluated every component of its refrigerators and completely redesigned them to be leaders in efficiency, starting with the part that uses the most energy — the refrigerator compressor.

With LG’s new Linear Compressor, power output is variable so it is able to regulate small temperature changes without being on full power. This means there are fewer temperature swings, resulting in less energy use and lower operating costs.

The Linear Compressor also does a better job of maintaining the right interior temperature to avoid wide variations in temperature that can make food spoil faster. For example, if someone leaves the door open to put away groceries and the refrigerator experiences a sudden significant drop in temperature, the compressor will quickly switch to full output to return to the desired temperature. The result is quieter operation and much lower energy costs.

In fact, the Linear Compressor saves 8 percent to 17 percent in energy usage versus previous models with conventional compressors. There is a 10-year warranty on the compressor.

Icemaker Redesign

Conventional ice ejection heaters consume lots of energy. LG redesigned the icemaker to remove a heating coil common to most icemakers that permits ice to release from the tray. Instead, LG is introducing an innovative new Twisting Icemaker that flexes the tray to release the ice, much like old fashioned manual ice trays.

The old Ice Ejection Heater consumed 135 Watts for 2-3 minutes every hour. By contrast, the motor for the Twisting Icemaker consumes 6-7 Watts for 30 seconds every 70 minutes. A low-wattage heater (0.5 Watts) is always on to prevent the infrared sensor from freezing.

The new icemaker is at the heart of LG’s Slim SpacePlus™ ice system, which is much smaller, but maintains a high level of ice production and storage through smaller ice cubes and smart engineering. An added benefit is that ice doesn’t clump together after refreezing, as it did in the old heat-and-release process.

Ultimately, this new icemaker system, contained in the door of a French-Door refrigerator, creates more shelf space and door space while delivering measurable energy savings.

LED Lighting

New interior lighting, based on LED technology, also saves energy because LED uses far less energy than older methods using conventional light bulbs. And LED lights also save on energy used in manufacturing because of their long lives — typical incandescent bulbs last 750 hours, while LED lights can last up to 30,000 hours.

Clothes Washers

ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers use about 30 percent less energy and use more than 50 percent less water than regular washers. The majority of LG front- and top-load washing machines are ENERGY STAR qualified.


LG’s ColdWash feature is an energy-efficient option that uses cold water to penetrate deep into fabrics, providing consumers with the same cleaning performance as washing in warm water.

ColdWash is enabled by 6Motion™ Technology and uses six new innovative wash motions — Rolling, Stepping, Swinging, Scrubbing, Filtration and Tumbling (compared to most washers which use only a tumbling motion to clean clothes). Motions range from extremely gentle for delicates to more powerful cleaning for heavy cottons such as bath towels.

6Motion technology is powered by the Direct Drive Motor, which operates without belts or pulleys, sending power directly from the motor to the drum for increased efficiency, reduced noise and vibration, and a longer operating life. Watch a video to learn more about ColdWash™


ENERGY STAR qualified TVs save energy both in standby and active modes and use about 40 percent less energy than standard TVs. Most LG flat-panel HDTVs are ENERGY STAR qualified.

LG TVs featuring the Intelligent Sensor automatically calibrate and optimize brightness, contrast, white balance and color, based on the ambient light in the room.

In addition, LG TVs include a power saving mode with backlight dimming: 5 modes of High, Medium, Low, Off, and Auto as well as a mechanical power-off switch so that the product uses no standby power while not in use.

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