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Life’s Good When You
Dive in Smile

Life's Good is our first global campaign
to demonstrate our trust in brave optimism
as a way to make life better for our customers
around the world. The accompanying
brand film
illustrates the enduring message of the
importance of optimism in life,
and the bravery
that it takes. Over the course of our long
history, we have always
stood for the brave
optimists who overcome the many challenges in
their lives with
the power of determination.
This campaign serves as a testament to our
and commitment to optimism, and
uses the medium of film to capture the
and passions involved in the process.

it’s a powerful reminder
not to get bogged down by negativity and
to embrace life to its fullest.” - Nicolai Fuglsig

Emmy-Award winning Director Nicolai Fuglsig
helms the manifesto film, crafting a
message on embracing life and basking in its
profound ‘goodness’ through
the relatable
‘everyman’ hero. Nicolai was immediately drawn
to the project,
resonating with the power of
optimism that can transform the disposition we
towards our lives. The message of the film
came naturally too, as we all know that
an optimist inside all of us, and it’s merely a
matter of choice.

The 90-second manifesto film is our
proclamation to the
world that Life’s Good,
and a celebration of the courage
that goes into
our everyday choices to become optimists.
The film portrays a simple yet powerfully
emotional journey
reminiscent of how we live
out our day-to-day lives in this
lovely yet
perilous world.

Each word in the narrative voiceover captures
the waves of
our emotions as we face fear,
and disbelief – and how we can
triumph over these with
the power of choice
that lies in all of us.
The choice to know, and
truly believe, that Life’s Good.

So, what is the Good Life?

Our perspective of the Good Life is based on
the goodness found along the many
of our lives, whether they are small or big.

So, what is the Good Life? So, what is the Good Life?

The difference comes from our attitude to look
for the best in each situation, and
using that
optimistic hope to live our lives to the fullest.
It’s an attitude that
empowers us to take
charge and take ownership. After all, as we see
it, the Good
Life is what you make out of it.

This optimistic perspective is deeply rooted in
our products, and influences us in our
encounters. The Life’s Good campaign, at its
core, is about having a flavor
for life and
making each moment better through brave
innovation and
uncompromising experiences.
Our vision culminates into smart solutions that
fill our
days, through products like the Seamless
InstaView refrigerator or the LG Styler.
Meaningful solutions like the water nozzle
with UVnano or deodorizing steam
keep us safer and better, and can become
reliable confidants for us as
we take charge
each day.

From the OLED to the QNED, the LG TV lineup
is also defined by this life-enriching
Each screen caters to the rich diversity of our
unique lifestyles. Some
screens will stand by
your side in any time and place, some will give
you the
flexibility you need for more immersion,
and some will serve as pieces of art gracing
your living space – all to remind you of the
small blessings we get to enjoy each day.
essential feelings and emotions that fuel the
goodness in life serve as core
experiences our
products strive for.

Seeing the world with optimism is what
Life's Good is all about, and we will be with
every step of the way on your brave journey.

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