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Live with clarity, to your fullest

I leverage 100% of my efforts. I am fully immersed,
whether in swimming or music.
I tap into the best version of myself, every moment.

Progressing forth, tirelessly

I seek to inspire others to live to their fullest, too.
With my potential to foster benign impact,
I grow ever earnest in my endeavors.

My routine alongside LG

Warming up with TONE Free Fit heightens
my focus to its maximum.
I gear up for my swim, monitored by StanbyME.
After training, I get on my gram for music work.


Razor-sharp focus anytime,

Zone in my music from wherever

Ideas spark at any moment.
That’s why the gram is ideal for doing the work
whenever inspo strikes.
Make any place as good as your studio
as long as you’ve got the gram by your side.

Ultra-light, Ultra-mighty

The new 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 Processor
plus an anti-glare OLED screen

Long-lasting battery and sturdy
nano carbon and magnesium construction


Versatile for
any hustles

With StanbyME whether at
the pool or the studio

As a big, portable screen ideal for recording either
from the lanes or at my studio,
my ideal companion enables
monitoring and unlocks sources of inspiration.

Flexibility to move around or swivel,
rotate or adjust the screen as needed

StanbyME makes the most of your space,
bringing your playlists, presentations or favorite content
with you


Lean into
your inner self

Mind control is vital for
Unlock the power of
your mind with TONE Free*

During my warm up, TONE Free lets me stay noiseproof,
maximizing my concentration to fix it onto myself.

All-around immersion
with foolproof noise cancelling

IP67-rated water resistance
means sweat and rain are no problem

Ear gels meld to your ear shape
and provide lightweight comfort

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