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Docking Station ND5630, ND8630 AOA 2.0 support

Last Updated 04/09/2013

LG Docking Station models ND5630, ND8630.

LG Customer Support Notice:

Direct docking is supported for devices running the latest Android “Jellybean” platform which includes the *AOA2.0 USB audio spec.  It is possible that certain phone models may not support the *AOA2.0 USB audio spec, resulting in the device freezing or rebooting after being directly docked and detached from the speaker system.  If you experience this problem, please contact your phone manufacturer for information regarding their plans to update their devices to be in compliance with the latest Jellybean specs.  Your device should still be able to stream audio to the speaker system via Bluetooth without any problems. 

*About AOA (Android Open Accessory) 2.0 version - Audio output from Android device to the Accessory and HID (Human Interface Device)