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LG TV - The Best Picture Settings For Your LG TV

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Your LG TV pictures settings are set to factory defaults, but to get the most out of your TV, you can change and improve those settings depending on the environment where it will be viewed as well as your personal tastes.

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[LG TVs] Adjusting Picture Settings On Your LG OLED TV

Hello everyone and welcome to our very first live stream here on YouTube. My name is Michael Rodriguez and I'm the home entertainment specialist here for LG Electronics. I'm joined today by Tammy Andreini. She's our senior manager over the training centers. Tammy's going to be assisting me today by moderating the chat, so if you have any questions, feel free to post them and Tammy will answer them. Don't forget to Like and subscribe.

Today we wanted to talk about two topics. The first one is picture quality, and the next one is going to be for image burn. These are in response to the social media topics that we've been seeing you all post. The first one that I'm going to go over is going to be the picture mode settings. To access picture mode settings, grab your remote control and press the Settings button. This may look like a gear icon for you, so go ahead and press that settings button.

Now, when you press the Settings button, you're going to see a quick access menu that will show a few options. The first one here is picture mode, and on picture mode, you can select standard. By default, we're going to go ahead and change through each of these picture mode settings, and I'm going to educate you on each one of those to better optimize the picture for your TV and viewing pleasure.

If you select the next mode, Auto Power Saving, over, this is our eco-friendly auto power saving mode. This mode allows reducing consumption of energy by using the ambient light sensor and it will check the lights in your house or room and dim the picture or brighten the picture based on the lighting in the room.

The next mode is cinema, which has been optimized for movies. Next, we have sports, which will keep up with your fast action sports. Then we have game console; any of your game consoles will work on this mode just beautifully. The next mode over is HDR effect, which provides the most realistic picture quality. Select right again to go to the Filmmaker Movie Mode, which was optimized by the Ultra High Definition Alliance group. Followed Picture Modes, we have the expert mode for bright room and expert mode for dark room. The last mode that will see is vivid. When you select vivid, this mode brightens the contrast and brightness to provide the best sharp picture for you. We're going to leave it here.

The next item that I want to talk about is to further optimize those picture mode settings. To do that, we're going to press the gears icon and go down to all settings. Once in Picture Mode Settings, you can move over to picture mode settings, and here you can further customize any of your settings from OLED light, contrast, brightness, etc. Going down to the bottom, you're going to see something for applying this to all inputs. So if you have you like the mode that you've set, you can now change it for all of the inputs. This is HDMI one to all of them. Now, if you do mess anything up, you can always press the reset button, and it will reset it back to the factory defaults.

I'm going to go ahead and back out of this mode and go to the main picture mode menu. The next topic that we'll talk about is around the image burn-in and how to reduce this. Here at LG, we've created this OLED screen saver. What this does gives you a couple extra options that you can choose to help reduce the burn-in. If you're not familiar with burn-in, this is when you have the TV on the same station over and all right we'll go ahead and exit out of there. And look at that beautiful picture!

If you like information like this don't forget to Like and subscribe thanks have a great day.

Below are the LG recommended picture mode settings for different lighting environments:

To adjust your picture settings go to: Settings > All Settings > Picture Settings.

Natural Light
Artificial Light
Dark Room

Backlight / OLED LIGHT
























Color Temperature





In addition to the TV's capabilities, room lighting, screen reflectance, picture settings and the video content all affect the actual picture you see on screen.

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