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Dispenses Crushed Ice When Set to Cubed - Refrigerator

  • Troubleshooting

When the unit dispenses crushed ice when set to cube, follow the checklist below for possible resolutions. If you see any error code on the display screen, visit our Error Codes - Refrigerator article to resolve the error.

  1. Ice usage frequency.


    If the ice cubes are stuck together, this indicates that the ice dispenser is not used frequently. Break up the ice cubes by shaking the bin to loosen the cubes. Check the ice bin to make sure that it is positioned correctly. Remove the ice bin and reinsert it, then attempt to dispense ice again.


    If ice is used at high frequency, this could result in ice accumulation in the dispenser chute. This could cause the ice to break up as it passes through the chute. Clean the dispenser chute.


    If the dispensing time is low, the ice will clump together and break up when the dispenser is engaged. This is a normal operation.

    clean the chute
  2. Set ice size or reduce water pressure.

    Check the ice cubes to determine if they are full size or not. If the cubes are all attached in a row, this is as a result of too much water going to the tray, causing the water to overflow from one cube to another.

    Steps to follow:

    • If the ice maker has a size selector, press the size selector button until the ice maker is set to small cubes. This will reduce the amount of water that is filled in the tray, which will reduce the size of the cubes.

    • If there is no size selector on the ice maker, the water pressure can be adjusted on the home valve. Partially close the water supply valve to reduce the water pressure to the unit.

    water valve
  3. Low ice production.

    If ice production is abnormally low, make sure the icemaker is ON. If the icemaker is OFF, for some model, this will result in melting ice and may cause it to break easily when dispensed.

    If the icemaker is ON and ice production is low, check if the bin is full. Low usage will cause ice to clump together and break ice up into pieces when the dispenser engages. This is a normal operation.

    put the dispenser ON
  4. Icing compartment fan and temperature.

    If the icing fan run time is high, the flap may not be closing due to ice accumulation in the chute. If the chute is clear, make sure the icemaker compartment door is closing properly.

    Detailed information is available on the wall of the icemaker door as shown in this image.

    If the unit is not able to properly maintain the temperature, ice melting will cause the cubes to break apart easily. This will also allow the cubes to clump as the temperature rises and drops (melts and refreezes).

    read the message here
  5. Proper leveling.

    Verify that the unit is leveled correctly, most issues on refrigerators originate from improper leveling; for further assistance, visit our LG Refrigerator leveling Instructions.

    read the message here
  6. Request a repair.

    If the steps above does not resolve the issue, your unit will require a repair service. Please visit our Request a Repair page.

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