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LG Refrigerator – Why Does My Ice Maker Not Dispense Ice?

  • Troubleshooting

    At a Glance

    If ice does not dispense from your LG refrigerator, it may be related to an operational issue with your ice maker that can be resolved without the need for a visit by a technician. Follow the troubleshooting steps below to begin fixing your dispenser problem.


    If you see error codes on the display, please see our LG Refrigerator - Error Codes article assistance.

    Try This

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  1. Select your refrigerator type:

    Side-by-Side Instaview-Door-in-Door Side-by-Side Door-in-Door Side-by-Side French Door Side-by-Side Side-by-Side
  2. Press the dispenser lever, do you hear a grinding sound like the fridge is trying to dispense ice?

    Yes No
  3. Let's check to make sure the control lock feature on your refrigerator is turned off.

    Does the control panel show locked or unlocked?

    Locked lock image Unlocked lock image
    Locked Unlocked
  4. When the panel is locked it disables all buttons and the dispenser. To UNLOCK the dispenser, try the below or click here for a video:

    • Press and hold the [LOCK] button for 3 seconds.
    • Once the lock icon changes to unlocked, place a cup below the dispenser and try dispensing ice.
    Image of Finger Pressing Lock Button for 3 seconds

    Is the dispenser dispensing ice now?

    Yes No
  5. Ok. Next, lets try the water dispenser. Set the dispenser to water and try dispensing water.

    Does the unit dispense water?

    Yes No
  6. Open the freezer door and check the ice bin.

    Does the ice bin have ice?

    Yes No
  7. Let's try removing the ice bucket and check for clumps. If ice in the bucket isn't used frequently, it causes the cubes to stick together making it hard to dispense.

    Hand reaching in and lifting clump of ice image

    Is the ice in the bucket stuck together?

    Yes No
  8. Break up the ice cubes by shaking the bin to loosen the cubes or use an ice pick. Once the cubes are loosened, reinsert the ice bucket properly and try dispensing ice again.

    Is the ice dispensing properly again?

    Yes No
  9. Next, lets check the delivery chute in the door to see if it is clogged with frost or ice fragments.

    Image of a clogged delivery chute

    Is the dispenser chute clogged or open?

    Clogged Open
  10. Great! It appears the control panel lock was causing the problem with getting ice.

  11. This indicates a problem that requires service. Please visit our Request a Repair page to schedule service.
  12. Please visit our LG Refrigerator - No Ice article for further troubleshooting assistance.

  13. Great! The ice clumps prevented the ice from dispensing. To prevent this from happening again in the future, it is recommended you do the following:

    1. Reset the icemaker and look for water dripping off the tray or water spraying while entering the tray.

    2. Check the door gasket for any tears and rips.

    3. Make sure the gasket is properly connected to the liner.

    4. Lower the temperature of the freezer.

    If there is water spraying/dripping into the bucket or if clumping continues, your refrigerator will require repair service. Please visit our Request a Repair page for further assistance.

  14. Frequent use of crushed ice can lead to ice fragments being left behind and clogging the dispenser. Take a damp cloth and clean out all ice fragments, reinstall the ice bucket again and try dispensing ice.

    Image of cleaned dispenser

    If the problem continues, please visit our Request a Repair page to schedule service.

  15. At this point, the refrigerator will require service. Please visit our Request a Repair page to schedule a repair.

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