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LG Top Load Washer - Troubleshooting an IE Error Code

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If you are seeing an IE error code on your LG washing machine's display panel, this indicates that the washer was unable to fill with water.

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Try This

  1. Check the inlet hoses for kinks or damage.

    Straighten out any kinks that may be in the water lines. If the inlet hoses are damaged, they will need to be replaced.


    Replacement inlet hoses can be ordered via our Parts & Accessories page.

    Image showing a kinked vs unkinked inlet hose
  2. Ensure the water taps are fully opened.

    If the water taps are not fully opened the fill time can take longer than expected causing the unit to display an IE error code. Open the water taps fully to ensure adequate water is being supplied to the washer.

    video of water supply valves being turned

    During cold and freezing weather conditions, an IE error code could mean the water in the water supply lines are frozen. Once the temperature increases above freezing, the water supply will resume.

  3. Clean the inlet filters.

    Over time, the inlet filters can become clogged slowing water flow preventing the washer from filling properly. Periodically cleaning the inlet filters can prevent sediment buildup and keep the water flowing properly.

    How to Clean The Water Supply
    1. Turn off the water faucet and disconnect the power cord.
    2. Detach the water supply hose connected to the washing machine by turning it to the left (counterclockwise), and remove the filter from inside using pliers, etc.
    3. Clean the water supply filter with a toothbrush under running water to remove foreign objects such as water stains or rust, and then reinsert it.
    video of inlet filters being removed

  4. Confirm the drain hose is installed properly.

    If the drain hose is installed deeper than 4 inches (10 cm) into the drainpipe, it will cause a siphoning action to occur as the washer fills up.

    image of improper drain hose installation

    Secure the drain hose so that it will not be disconnected from the drain hole. Do not install the drain hose too high, or so that it is bent or blocked. Do not perforate or damage the drain hose.

If the IE code re-appears, the washer will require a repair service. Please visit our Request a Repair page for assistance.

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