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LG Dishwasher - How to Add Rinse Aid

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Rinse aid increases your dishwasher’s drying performance and prevents water spots on dishes and glassware.

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[LG Dishwashers] Adding Rinse Aid

This icon illuminates when the Rinse Aid level is low. The LED automatically shuts off when the Rinse Aid is refilled or the level is set to 0.

Open the Rinse Aid lid by lifting up the flap.

Add a liquid Rinse Aid to the maximum fill level.

The Rinse Aid should be settled in the dispenser while filling.

Pour the Rinse Aid to dispenser, lift the door slightly.

Repeat the step to fill.

Avoid overfilling and let the Rinse Aid settle as to avoid air bubbles.

Wipe off any spilled Rinse Aid to prevent suds.

Close the lid to lock the dispenser.

Rinse aid is dispensed automatically during the final rinse cycle.

Setting the Rinse Aid level.

Ensure the dishwasher is off.

Press Power and Dual Zone simultaneously to check the current setting.

Press delay Start to change the Rinse Aid dispenser setting.

Each press of the button changes the setting from LO (off), all the way up to L4.

The dispenser has five adjustment levels.

The dishwasher is programmed at the factory for a Rinse Aid dispenser level of 2 (L2).

Rinse aid refill cycle may vary on the Rinse Aid refill amount and setting level.

Once the desired Rinse Aid dispenser setting is selected, press Start to Save.

Try This

Adding More Rinse Aid

1Press the Rinse Aid compartment latch release button to open the compartment.

2Fill the Rinse Aid dispenser only up to the maximum level marked on the surface. Excessive Rinse Aid will leak.

3After filling the Rinse Aid and setting the level, close the cover tightly. A clicking sound will confirm the cover is properly closed.

Image showing Rinse Aid being added to washer

Adjusting the Rinse Aid level

The Rinse Aid dispenser can be adjusted between Level 1 and Level 4. At Level 3 one fill could last up to 40 cycles.

Use Level 4 if drying performance is low. Use Level 1 or Level 2 if drying performance is satisfactory (The higher level the more Rinse Aid is used).

A low Rinse Aid indicator will appear on the display when the compartment is just about emptied (Please add Rinse Aid)

Image showing low Rinse Aid icon apearing on washer

If after filling the Rinse Aid compartment the indicator is still lit, the dishwasher will need a hard reset.

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