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LG Frontload Washer - Sanitary Cycle Not Working

  • Troubleshooting

The Sanitary wash cycle involves heating up of water and using hot water for washing.
Cold water is used during rinsing to protect fabrics from damage.
As a result, your clothes may feel cold when you unload them from the washer.
Rest assured, this is normal operation of the washer.
Since these processes occur internally, external verification of their normal execution is not possible.
(Due to the high water temperature, there is potential danger of burn injuries.)

The heater element inside the washing machine is used to heat up the water.

➔ a tE error will be displayed if the heater element or the temperature sensor malfunctions.

When a tE error occurs, turn off the unit. Unplug the power cord, plug it back in and operate the washer.
If the error persists, an inspection by a service manager is necessary.

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  • Only use 1/2 of the detergent manufacturer’s recommended dosage.
  • If only the cold water hose is connected, or if the hot water faucet is closed, the water may be heated to a lower temperature than the programmed temperature.
  • The cycle will still operate even if only the cold water hose is connected.
    The washer uses its own heating system to heat water.
  • If warm water can be supplied to the washer, it will help to save energy.
  • Suds removal function: This function could operate if too much detergent is used.
  • Function for decreasing drain water temperature: After Sanitary-washing,
    cold water is supplied briefly several times to prevent damage to laundry caused by sudden supplies of cold water and to reduce the drain water temperature.
  • The recommended amount of laundry is 3kg or less.
  • When the washer is running on Eco Sanitary, heat may be felt from the front or around the washer.

Washing heat sensitive clothes on Eco Sanitary may result in damage to the fabric.
Please ensure to check the wash care label.

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