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LG Kimchi Refrigerator - Why are White Spots on the Surface of the Kimchi?

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1. When kimchi is exposed to air, Kahm yeast growth (seen as white spots) can occur.

After contact with oxygen, kimchi becomes sour due to decreased activity of lactic acid bacteria.

2. When less salty kimchi is stored at a high temperature, Kahm yeast could grow on the kimchi.

Kimchi refrigerator temperature is high
What are the white spots? (Kahm yeast)
Kahm yeast is a kind of surface yeast that grow using oxygen.
As these yeast do not have toxic genes, they are safe for consumption.
They often appear on the surfaces of fermented food such as kimchi, soy sauce, soybean paste, etc.
Kahm yeast formation on kimchi

Try this

Discard the parts with Kahm yeast growth. Press the kimchi down so it is submerged in its juice.
Cover the top with a plastic deli sheet to minimize contact with air.

Discard parts with Kahm yeast growth→ Press firmly to submerge the kimchi → Cover with a deli sheet to block air

Set the kimchi storage setting to [Kimchi] or long term [Storage].

※ If Kahm yeast grew while using the [Kimchi] setting, then change the setting.

Changing the [Kimchi] storage setting from weak to medium cooling and medium to strong cooling.

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