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LG Monitors – Troubleshooting No Audio or Low Volume

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At a Glance

If your LG monitor speakers are not working, it can be caused by the configuration settings being incorrect, or due to a loose cable. This is normally resolved by checking the cable connections, adjusting volume levels, or reconfiguring the sound settings.


Not all LG monitors include built-in speakers. It is recommended to check the specifications of your specific LG Monitor for effective troubleshooting.

Try This

Make sure all cable(s) are fully connected between the PC and Monitor.

Image of back of monitor with cables plugged in correctly

Check the sound configuration (Windows)

1Click the sound icon at the right bottom of the taskbar on the home screen to launch the currently used player and volume control slider. Check if it is muted (1) or the sound volume is set too low (2).

Image showing the sound icon being adjusted

2Click the player to launch the [Select Playback Device] list. In the [Select Playback Device] list, select the monitor you are currently using (2) and adjust the volume to the desired level (1).

Image showing device being selected in the device selector list.

Check the sound configuration (Mac OS)

1Go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences.

Apple icon in top corner selected and system preferences selected

2Select Sound.

Sound option selected in System Preferences window

3Select the Output Tab. Select the desired sound output device and ensure that it is not muted.

Sound option selected in System Preferences window

Uninstall and Reinstall the Drivers.

1Click the right mouse button on the [Start] button on the left side of the desktop and select [Device Manager] to run it.

Device manager button being pressed

2Right-click on the audio device under the [Sound, video, and game controllers] section and select [the affected device].


The name of the audio device may be displayed differently depending on the model.

Sub menu being shown on sound controller

3Click [Uninstall] and restart the system.

Uninstall Device button being highlighted in right click menu

4To reinstall LG Monitor Drivers, please visit our Software and Drivers page.

If the problem continue, the unit may require service. Please visit our Request a Repair page for further assistance.

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