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LG Refrigerator – Water Dispensing Slowly

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Slow water dispensing is usually the result of low water pressure from the main water supply, or a disruption of the water supply flow.

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LG Refrigerator - Water Dispensing Slowly

Slow dispensing water and low ice production? Check your water pressure. A Cold water supply with water pressure between 138 kPa and 827 kPa I required to operate the water dispenser.

Using a stopwatch, synchronize the time it takes to fill up the cup. 3 and a half to 8 seconds is the normal range for water pressure. Anything over 8 seconds may indicate possible low water pressure.

It is recommended to change the water filter once every 3 to 6 months depending on the quality of your city’s water, household consumption level, refrigerator water tank capacity, or on when indicated by the filter icon in the display.

To give you enough time to get a new filter, the light will come on just before the capacity of the current filter runs out. Changing the filter on time ensures that you always get fresh and clean water from the appliance.

Unplug the appliance.

Turn off the water supply to the appliance.

Open the left refrigerator door and remove the bottom door bin (filter location will vary depending on your model).

Remove the disposable water filter.

Replace with a new water filter.

Insert the new filter into the filter head and rotate it clockwise until the arrow on the new filter lines up with the arrow on the filter head. Swing the filter back into the compartment. And reinstall the door bin.

Turn on the water supply to the appliance.

Plug the appliance in.

Press and hold the water filter button for 3 seconds to reset the replacement filter icon.

The new water filter has been activated.

  1. Perform a fill test

    You will need a stopwatch and a measuring cup. Time how long it takes to fill the measuring cup to 8 oz.

    water dispensing into glass
  2. Remove the water filter and retry step one.

    If water flow increases, the water filter will need to be replaced.

    • Water filter location will vary depending on your model.
    • Units 2017 and newer have a built in bypass to run without a water filter. Units older than 2017 will require the filter bypass to be installed.
    • For assistance on replacing your water filter, please visit our LG Refrigerator - How to Install Your Refrigerator Water Filter article.
    Water filter being removed from top of fridge interior
  3. Check the home's water valve connected to the refrigerator.

    Ensure the water valve connected to the refrigerator is fully opened. If the valve is fully opened and pressure is still low, please contact a plumber to adjust water pressure.


    Water pressure should be between 20 and 120 psi for optimal performance.

    Water Valve Increasing water pressure
  4. Check the water line between the refrigerator and the home's water supply.

If the dispenser operation does not improve, the unit will require service for a proper diagnosis. Please visit our Request a Repair page for further assistance

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